Erasing Google Chrome Browser History with One Click with History Eraser Extension

Deleting Browsing History in Google Chrome browser is very tedious process, clicking so many items before actually clearing the history. For some time i am searching for some plugin that can help, found some but none impress. Yesterday i saw History Eraser plugin for Google Chrome and the way it performs all the operations with so much ease really impress me a lot. So i bring here a simple review about the History Eraser Plugin in a step by step guide manner.

How to Erase Google Chrome Browser History with History Erase Extension

Download and Install History Eraser Extension

Install the extension and you will see a screen like below during installation

New Picture (12)

After installation is complete you will see new icon in right end corner of Google chrome Browser upon clicking of which opens the interface for History Cleaner Extension

New Picture (13)

Interface of History Cleaner is very simple and offers some predefined rules for Easy, Medium and Hard Cleaning options. You can also select the options of your liking by checking the boxes next to the options.

New Picture (14)

After selecting the options simply press Run Eraser, if you want to see the History of browsing activities then click ‘History‘ button placed next to the ‘Run Eraser‘ button and it redirect the control to new tab showing the history activities like shown in the figure below of my browser.

New Picture (15)

It is very interactive screen showing the browsing history in which you can filter by typing into the text box and to select the history according to the date select the date like in the figure below

New Picture (16)

Try this extension yourself and share experience with us.

Download History Eraser

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