Episodic Email Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

Email marketing is not a new concept for marketers anymore. We cannot deny that its ability to attract the audience and increase sales has proven beneficial for almost every marketer today. Email marketing is not just to promote their products but also to tell what’s happening behind the scenes and provide them with the latest updates of their websites. It has become a new way to get connected with the audience and share the content that they actually want to see. Out of the various tools and techniques for email marketing, Episodic Marketing is in trend today. But what is it exactly? Let’s check it out in this post. 

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What’s all the buzz about Episodic Email Marketing? 

With the growing popularity of Email Marketing, it’s important not only to have an ideal content but to have a meaningful website which truly represents you” says Navneet Kaushal, CEO of PageTraffic, SEO Agency India. So you are watching a suspense series on Netflix and just can’t resist to stop the video and go to sleep because of the intense thriller. I am sure you are familiar with such a situation. Have you ever thought why can’t you just watch one episode and feel satisfied? Well, that’s the magic of online content today. The whole story is broken down into a number of episodes in such a way that the viewers can’t resist watching the whole series at once. 

Same is the concept of Episodic Marketing. All you need to do is break your content into small chunks in such a way that it forms a story. In this way, you can keep your audience around as they would like to know what happens next. A simple example of Episodic Marketing is that suppose you have written a tutorial of around 5000 words on email marketing. So, instead of sharing the whole tutorial at once on your website, you will create a series of 10 posts of 500 words each and now your marketing strategy will revolve around promoting your email marketing series!  

Why does Episodic Email Marketing work? 

A major reason why this marketing strategy is a hit is its ability to ignite the interest of the audience. They will be eager to know what’s in that next post or that next video of yours. For instance, have you heard of Coca Cola’s Crossroads was used to promote its core values. Crossroads was a video series highlighting the issues prevalent with teenagers such as public shaming and flourished the idea of how teenagers should stand with their friends in such situations. The videos were able to gather millions of views in just a few weeks indicating how successful is episodic marketing for a company.   

Another reason why episodic email marketing would work is clarity. Sometimes it might become difficult for the audience to engulf the long-form content in one go. Hence, they lose interest and might never return. Breaking up your content into clear chunks will make it easier for them to understand your words. Moreover, if you are able to convince them they will stick around. 

Top Reasons to use Episodic Email Marketing for your website

If you are still not convinced why episodic email marketing is meant for your website, check out these top reasons to use it. 

It is a powerful SEO technique – The episodic content that you will create will be applicable for a long period of time. The linking patterns and return of your users to your content will give good signals to Google and other search engines hence skyrocketing your website’s ranks. 

Build Trust among the Audience – Since your content comes up every other day it will be easier for your audience to trust you. It also increases your credibility and shows that you are more active than other websites. 

Build your email list with ease – Episodic email marketing is a good chance to increase your subscriber’s list. Your audience would definitely want to know what will happen next and hence would subscribe to your email list. 

Establish Your Authority – You can incorporate testimonials of the previous episode in the current episode and establish your authority in your industry. You can bring influencers into the picture here to reach a wider audience and hence more sales!

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How to Create the Ideal content for Episodic Email Marketing

Plan the content – Content for episodic email marketing requires you to have the hang of the big picture. Creating a series of 10 blog posts can’t be done overnight. It requires a strategy and of course, a theme.  Based on the needs of your audience, make a plan of what content you want to create. See what your audience likes the most. It could be a series of blog posts, videos or podcasts. Pick up a topic, divide it into microcontent and build a blueprint.  

Create the Content – Once you have the blueprint with you, start writing. If you are planning to film a video ensure that you have the required gadgets and tools. Make your content platform independent so that you can publish it everywhere. An important thing to keep in mind is the connectivity. The different episodes of your series should connect with each other so that the audience would want to return. 

Build your Marketing Campaign – Start planning how you will promote your content. You may even design your promotion campaign and start it at the earliest to create a background for your content. For instance, if you are launching a blog post series promote why your audience would love it or what value will it bring to the readers. 

Distribute your Content – Now its time to spread the word. Promote your content on social media and of course, send out emails. You can start that a few days before you actually bring out your content and build your email list for the next piece. You can also attract your audience with a teaser of your work. If they like it, they will sign up for the main show. 

Track and Analyse – No marketing campaign is complete without tracking. Set up Google Analytics, measure the traffic, click-throughs, conversions and measure the success of your content. Take the lessons and start anew for the next episode of your series.   

Don’t miss a chance to interact – Interaction is an important aspect of episodic marketing. For instance, you can ask for feedback at the end of every episode or blog post so as to know what your audience thinks about the content and if there is any room for improvement. You can post a questionnaire or a  survey before launching your series so as to get an idea of the mindset of the audience. In this way, look for ways to interact with your audience throughout the series. 

Episodic email marketing is meant to rejuvenate the traditional content marketing patterns. Go with this approach if you are looking to revamp your email list and add more subscribers. It is indeed a good way to bring a brand new audience every time you post content.  

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