How to earn money from Sponsored Giveaways – Review

Earn Money from Sponsored Giveaways – Bloggers use the concept of Giveaways to increase traffic on the blog. Now Bloggers can also earn money by organising Giveaways on their Blog. To do so you have to register on and get approval for your Blog. Giveaways can be used to increase Facebook, Twitter Followers and blog subscribers which results in traffic increase. The main problem faced by Bloggers is to get a company to Host Giveaway on their Blog, Here comes into picture SponsoredGiveaways which is a marketplace for advertisers to select a Blog to promote their product via Giveaways.

Earn Money from Sponsored Giveaways

Earn Money from Sponsored Giveaways

What is

This is a very simple website which brings Bloggers more closely to the Advertisers ready to host Giveaways on various blogs of different niche. This online platform allows bloggers to host giveaways on their blog which lets them increase traffic and moreover bloggers can also earn money. The working is very simple in which Advertisers can choose a blog to run a giveaway and bloggers are paid for running the giveaway on their Blogs. SponsoredGiveaways offers something to both Bloggers and Advertisers.

How to Start Earning Money from SponsoredGiveaways

Earning money from SponsoredGiveaways is very easy and simple. Just follow the steps and you will be able to earn money and increase traffic by hosting giveaways on your Blog.

1. Signup on SponsoredGiveaways Site

2. After Signup is completed you need to set your prices. Base Prize include comments and in addition you can set the price for the following features.

  • Comment
  • Like
  • Facebook Fan
  • Twitter Follow
  • Tweet

3. After that you have to select the Giveaway duration and minimum number of prizes you want to offer to your Blog visitors.

4. Finally you have to get approval for your blog, for that you need to submit your Blog and other details like monthly page views, category of your Blog etc. Once you got approved Advertisers can select to run their Giveaways on your Blog.

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