Want to Download Torrent Files with IDM Download Manager – Follow this Tutorial

IDM is the most advanced and powerful download manager that you can come across, and if you get to download torrent files from IDM that it will be awesome. There are online services available that allows you to cache the torrent files and then download the files using IDM or any other download manager. In this article, we are going to check one of the service Zbigz.com to show the process of downloading torrent files using IDM download manager. 

How Zbigz.com Works

Zbigz.com is a website that emerges as the alternative to Torrific.com which is earlier used to cache the torrent files and then allows downloading of torrent files using the IDM Download Manager. Zbigz.com cache the torrent file data from different points on Bit torrent Network and after it provides a direct download link, which can be used to Download Files directly on your System. It is beneficial to use because now you don’t have to worry about the seeders and Leechers once the caching is done and downloading from IDM Download Manager can get you unbelievable downloading speeds. 

How to Download Torrent Files with IDM Download Manager

1 Register your Account with Zbigz.com. You can create a free account which will allow you to download torrent files with maximum speed of 150Kbps and there is some limit on the number of files that can be downloaded.


2 To start caching of the torrent file, you have to upload the torrent and after selecting the torrent file click on ‘Go!


3 Select the account type you want to use – Free or Premium as you like. Premium accounts cost you money but it will allow you to download at unlimited speed and there is no restriction on the number of files where free account lets you download a limited number of files with speed up to 50-150 Kbps.


4 Wait for the caching of torrent files to complete. After it is done you can see a button with ‘. Zip’ click on this to download torrent file data as Compressed Zip folder.


5 Once the Compression of the file is done in .Zip format you can see IDM start downloading the file 


Note: This article is just for the review purpose, downloading illegitimate files is not recommended from your Blog.


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