Do really best android apps are currently limited to streaming audio

If you recently got yourself the android auto, congratulations. It is without a doubt a great investment. However, you must be wondering what apps you can use with your new car. This is a list of apps that you can use with your android auto. The sad news is that for now, most of these apps are media apps and many are used only for streaming audio.  Nevertheless, these are great apps to have on the road and they make your trips fun and worthwhile. You will need the android auto companion app to use the android auto.

1.      Pocket casts

If you are always listening to podcasts and audios, this is a great app for you to have in your android auto. Not only does it look amazing, it also has incredible feature that makes it worthwhile. It allows you to stream some of your favorite audios and listen while driving. You have to note that streaming will use your mobile data so your might want to load up your bundles. This app also allows you to listen to the podcasts you have downloaded. So you can use your home Wi-Fi to download podcasts and listen to them as you drive. It also has pause, play, skip functionalities on the android auto interface.

2.      Google play music

This is one of the android auto apps that has been improving every day since it was launched. Now, users can use their curated playlists for free so you can listen to your favorite music in the car. Through the interface, you can find playlists and albums and a lot more from the slide out menu that comes with the app. It also allows you to skip and go back to songs you loved.  To save bandwidth, you can choose to play the music you have stored in your device. The interface is straightforward and user friendly so you will always know what button does what.

  1. Pandora

If old is gold, Pandora is the best app in the market. It has been around for years and still offers great functionality. It is also the most popular streaming app amongst people who own android cars. It allows you to stream to your favorite radio stations and curate them to your liking. These stations play excellently through the android auto. While it is not the best app on this list, it is one of the better ones. You also get to bookmark and skip through the stations and songs. There is also an thumbs up and thumbs down function that allows you to book mark the songs you play. The slide out menu allows you to skip through radio stations.

  1. Hangouts

Android auto is not all about audios, there are also some amazing messaging apps that can be used on your car. Hang out allows you to conveniently chat with your friends and family and also stay in contact with your employees, clients and co-workers. You are therefore able to keep in touch with both work and home easily as you drive. Its android auto integration, you messages are read out loud and you can reply them with your voice. Therefore keeping in touch is easy and safe since you will not have to let go of the steering wheel or let your concentration wonder off the road as you reply to messages.

  1. WhatsApp

This is the most popular messaging app in the world. It is only right that it is therefore only logical to have it supported on android app. Like most of the other messaging app, you will not be able to browse through your messages but you can have the messages read to you and you can create new messages through the app. Your unread messages will be read over the speakers as your Miltek exhaust continues working on getting you to your destination.


These amazing apps make your ride smoother and you will never have to feel like you have been out of touch especially if you are going on a long journey. The apps are also being upgraded regularly to offer you better functionality and making the easier to use.

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