Developing an home service app: Tips to create on-demand service app like Gojek & Taskrabbit

The Growing Demand For On-Demand Handyman Services 

The number of homes per land area has drastically increased. Gone are the days when people wanted to own a lavish piece of land and a cozy little home in the countryside. Today, urban agglomerations have brought in a lot of apartments. Increase in the number of homes has proportionally increased the demand for handyman services. There is a constant need for electrical, plumbing, and carpentry work.

However, more often than not, it is quite difficult to find the perfect handyman. What increases the magnitude of difficulty is the possibility of finding one at the time when we exactly need them. The office schedules and the strenuous lifestyle of common people today demands that handyman services be available on demand.

The Astounding Numbers 

The on-demand market has already established its supremacy in growing numbers. It is reported that 23 out of the 310 private companies of the Unicorn club belong to the on-demand industry. The gross volume of gig economy is expected to cross the $455 billion mark by 2023. The on-demand app industry grew from $22 billion to $57 billion in the stretch between 2015 and 2018.

Given the fact that handyman services fall into this spectrum, the prospect for growth is considerably high.

TaskRabbit – The Harbinger Of On-Demand Handyman Services 

If we can think of one name that has created a perfect confluence of on-demand and handyman services, it has to be TaskRabbit. TaskRabbit can rightly be considered the Uber of on-demand handyman services. They have created a niche for themselves when it comes to household services on demand.

Outside the United States, companies like UrbanClap and Go-Jek have created their markets in India and Indonesia respectively. Enough of this, it cannot be denied that the entire landscape of handyman services hasn’t been fully decked. This presents a lucrative opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to create their own handyman services on demand business.

Developing an on-demand app like Gojek or TaskRabbit is a challenging task.It is always good to stand on the shoulders of giants and avoid the mistakes that they have made. In that respect, here are a few valuable lessons that harbingers like TaskRabbit, UrbanClap and Go-Jek teach you.

What Can You Learn from Giants Like TaskRabbit, UrbanClap & Go-Jek?


  • A Wide Selection Of Services 

The strategy is quite simple! The wider the spectrum of services you offer, the greater the possibility of your app being adopted. TaskRabbit stands out distinct in this regard. They offer a wide range of services including but not limited to laundry, handyman services, yard work and possibly everything that you can think of!

There are even services like career pick up, delivery and even waiting in line on your behalf. If you would like to replicate the success of TaskRabbit, one of the key things that you need to consider is the variety of the services that you offer.


  • Easy Registration & Booking

The magnitude of your app usage depends on the magnitude of ease with which users can register with your app. This also holds good for the service providers. TaskRabbit has made the sign-up process quite simple and straightforward.

They divided their ecosystem into two parts and gave them fancy names. The people who wanted the tasks done were called TaskPosters and the people who offer services were called Taskers. 

The TaskPosters can choose from a list of Taskers based on the service that they need and the ratings and pricing. Once they choose a service provider, a notification is sent to the Tasker. The entire process gets completed within minutes. If you intend on developing a handyman services app, the ease of registration and availing services is of paramount importance.


  • Features That Delight Users 

Above all of these, like an icing on the cake, your app needs to have features that delight users. The service providers should have an option to reject requests based on their convenience. A review and rating system should be in place to uphold the democratic nature of the app.

Bringing in features like in app chat and premium versions that help users request for services at a very short period of time will ensure that your app continues to be one of the most preferred for handyman services.

Building The Business – The Preliminary Steps 

Building a handyman services app requires that you figure out the non-technical aspects of the business. Before everything, a thorough market research needs to be conducted to find out if the demand really exists. The next step is to find the list of service providers who will be readily available if they are contacted through your app. This step is of vital importance because nothing disappoints customers more than not finding what they want, especially if your app was intended to solve that particular problem.

It is also important to reach out to the first set of your users. As much as users, service providers might not be satisfied with your app if they do not get a profit out of signing up with you.

Outside all of this, there are aspects like registration of business and the legal formalities that need to be taken care of before launching your app as a full-fledged business.

Building The App 

With Uber defining the skeleton of on-demand service providing applications, creating an app for handyman services on demand might not seem daunting task. However, you will need to have a clear idea on the user interface, the navigability, the platforms, the database and the entire technology profile that goes into creating that little icon that will sit on the smartphones of your users! To start the business instantly, you can go with a ready-made Gojek clone solution.


It is established to be on the question that the market for handyman services on demand is all set to grow at an unprecedented fashion. If you would like to capitalize on this way and create your own on-demand handyman services app, you can get in Touch with our team. They will take care to gather your requirement and provide you with the perfect app that will delight you and your users alike!

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