How To Convey That You Are Ready For Promotion

All organizations ought to offer professional growth and advancement to their employees. Companies cannot deprive their employees of progress until they prove they are not worthy. If you have been working in the same position for a while and feel you have been doing your job well, maybe it is time for you to step forward and take more responsibility. In other words, you deserve a promotion. Wanting to climb the corporate ladder for more authority, perks and a higher salary package is not a bad thing. But how you make your boss notice that you’re ready for it is an art. How you convince him makes all the difference because even though you’ve put in the time and effort, you just can’t blackmail your boss. And then there are others vying for the same position, so you need to aspire to stand out and appear like a vital asset to the team.

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An Employee Seeking To Climb the Professional Ladder Must Have Patience and Perseverance

Follow the given tips and show your employer that it’s time for you to advance in the company –

1. Dress for success

Even though your physical appearance isn’t going to improve your performance at work, it does manage to demonstrate a higher level of professionalism. Start by trying to match the standards set by your seniors and dress accordingly. But don’t overdress if the office dress code is casual. Keep your style minimalistic and smart. Presenting yourself smartly goes on to show that you are particular of how you are perceived and are fit to represent the company.

2. Be prepared and punctual

Employers always notice which employee shows up on time and who’s late. You should stop strolling in late as if it were your own place. Try to reach work a few minutes early so that you are settled before the designated time. When the boss notices that your coffee is on the desk and your inbox open while everyone is still arriving, it will instantly send the right message. It will show that you value your job and care to begin the work on schedule.

3. Make suggestions and ask intelligent questions

The biggest asset to a company is an employee who knows what he’s doing. Asking intelligent questions and clarifying their answers is the best way to become a well-rounded personality in your line of work. When you fearlessly ask valuable questions, you show a keenness to learn and improve. Not only would you be able to understand your position better, you will also prove that you aim to effectively use the time spent at work. Asking field-related questions strengthens your performance and turns you into an asset. So does making useful suggestions. Offering suggestions tends to show that you can be creative and resourceful when it comes to thinking in favor of your team and company.

4. Go that extra mile

It may not be fun to work more than required but sometimes working extra than your co-workers can make you stand out. You can go that extra mile by devoting an extra hour in the office, working from home or taking on a side project. These moves will help you set yourself apart from the pack and prove you can be counted on.

5. Brighten up the workplace

A bad attitude is like a flat tyre, you won’t reach anywhere unless you change it. Defensiveness and rebuttal for constructive feedback reflects that you are hard to work with and won’t own up to your mistakes. So make sure you are pleasant to be around because the right attitude can take you a long way in life. People, including your bosses, always like seeing more of cheerful and optimistic demeanor. As much as it is important to be yourself, you must become someone who your coworkers enjoy working with and your seniors like interacting with. Avoiding workplace drama and getting along with colleagues proves you are a mature professional and a true team player.

6. Communicate your aspirations effectively

Sometimes, telling your boss that you are set to progress is as simple as saying it out loud. You can express your desire to be promoted to your employer. Start by enquiring about any future positions and simultaneously ask about your growth prospects in the company. This will ensure you are kept in mind as an option when a position comes along.

You don’t have to make many calculated steps to prove your mettle. In fact, just keep calm and continue doing good work that brings positive results. If you already are a quality employee and are beginning to take the above steps, your boss will know that you are ready to be promoted. All you need to do is believe in yourself and have patience.

Author bio: Devika Arora is a professional writer currently focusing on the extensive domain of career development and job search. She holds a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and has written various articles for the benefit of job hunters. Devika is currently working with, a popular job search portal that addresses the employment needs of job seekers. 

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