The Best Christmas Gift for 2013

Christmas is the perfect occasion for you to give special gifts to your loved ones. The gadget freak generation has made the tablets as the perfect gifts that can be gifted this Christmas. Cheap apps that make use of Android can make you feel like winning a lottery but they do have many cons which include the incapability of buying certain movies, apps and music from the play store of Google and also may have screen that are terrible and with poor performance. There are various tablets available this year which can form the best gift that you can give to your loved one. 

Best Christmas Gift for 2013

Best Christmas Gift for 2013

Along with the software, hardware should also be considered for finding the best tablet for gifting. The screen for the tablet that you are choosing should be of good quality. The review that is available for the tablets can be checked for finding out the best one possible. Performance of the hardware should be considered by finding the time taken by the tablet for responding to swipes and taps. The battery life of the tablet should also be considered for buying the tablet. 

iPad Air is the best tablet available that can last for a longer period of time and can be a perfect redesign available for you. This brand has set a benchmark against the other brands in the same niche. This is the lap with much light weight and with double performance compared with the previous model. 

iPad Mini that is available with Retina Display is another tablet that is much popular for this Christmas season and it is smaller than the previous one. The resolution of the screen is same as that of the iPad Air. 

iPad Mini also has come up as a popular tablet in the gadgets market. This is the laptop which is much affordable. The screen resolution of the tablet is much lower. This is a good one that is available for the purpose of gifting as it is much worthy for the price you are paying. Most people do not check the difference in performance between the old and new iPad Mini. The new iPad mini is quiet amazing and it can provide you with capability for playing the games with amazing graphics and also for watching videos along with reading of ebooks. 

Google Nexus is another amazing tablet that you can find in the market which can be chosen as the best gift for your loved during this Christmas. This is an android tablet pc that is smaller in size and is of much reduced weight. The full HD screen that is available with the tablet is also superb. This is more expensive than the device that is of similar type but the functionality that is provided by this is quite impressive. 

Tesco Hudl is also a great choice for you as a gift to be presented to your loved for the Christmas. The cost of it is much reasonable and the tablet has come up without much flaws. This tablet has easy access to the Google store and also for the clubcard vouchers.

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