Business and Enterprises are you ready against Phishing Attacks?

Phishing attack fill enterprises, employees, and the public with dread. And, why not! When for years, faceless scammers and attackers, hiding behind a screen or a fake identity have duped millions of people for billions of dollars. In recent times, the attack has doubled on enterprises. Top brands have been successfully duped for huge amounts of money in various instances. 

Does that mean the attackers are getting smarter? Absolutely! But, where does that leave the enterprises? Are the traditional anti-virus software packages enough to stop the phishing attacks? What can business enterprises do to keep their employees safe from scammers?

It is true that enterprises are vulnerable to phishing attacks despite having state-of-art antivirus software in place. That is because this software does not provide complete protection when it comes to email security. Enterprises should be looking for phishing software that works exclusively at detecting the fraudulent emails and altering the users. 

A phishing attack hurts an enterprise in many ways. It is enough for just one employee to fall into the trap of an attacker for an entire enterprise to face the repercussions. This is exactly why scammers are targeting employees. 

  • Financial Risk 
    • This is the first and the biggest risk for an enterprise. Businesses could end up paying thousands of dollars on a regular basis to imposters posing as vendors or dealers. 
    • Scammers could steal billions in one go and leave the enterprise’s bank accounts empty in a few hours. 
    • Ransomware allows scammers to freeze the internal system of the enterprise and demand money to release it. 
    • When the news of a phishing attack goes out, people would stop investing, purchasing from the enterprise resulting in loss of cash inflow and a possible crash in the stock market. 
  • Human Resources at Risk 
    • When the source of a phishing attack is traced the employee who became a victim could feel traumatized, guilty, and even be attacked or maligned by colleagues for carelessness. 
    • The tone of phishing messages is always urgent. Employees are forced to act fast and in their daily work pressure, it is easy for them to fall prey to such emails. 
    • Running a phishing simulation program could result in demoralizing the workforce and degrading their confidence. 
  • Damage to Brand Image 
    • Hardware and software in an enterprise can be replaced, but trust cannot be. 
    • Once a customer, investor loses trust in a brand, it doesn’t take long for the business to crash completely. 
    • If a business cannot protect the personal and financial information of the people involved with them, it shows the enterprise in a bad light. 
    • When online transactions are a regular feature, the inability to keep the process safe and secure makes customers not want to take the risk. 

 To prevent such disastrous situations, enterprises need an advanced email security system that provides total protection. Now, how does an enterprise know if their anti phishing software is good enough to protect their employees and block phishing emails? 

When looking for phishing software, enterprises have to check for the following features. 

  • Built and runs entirely on the cloud so that it is easy to become invisible to the scammers. 
  • Can be deployed effortlessly within a few minutes throughout the enterprise, irrespective of the size and volume of the business and the number of devices. 
  • An interactive dashboard that keeps the management updates about the number of phishing attacks blocked and quarantined. 
  • Uses computer vision to read the emails and the text in them, including the hidden codes that are cleverly concealed by the attackers. 
  • Detect fake logos and empty images based on brand profiling of famous brands and alert the users that the emails are fake and fraudulent. 
  • Not relying exclusively on the database of URLs to block malicious emails. Instead, block the emails until the signature for the URL is generated and is added to the database of the fake URLs. 
  • Work at any location and on any device, providing 24*7 protections to employees from phishing attacks. 
  • Use to understand pop up banners and single click reporting of the suspicious emails.

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