Best Ways to Lock and Unlock Your Computer Device

Ways to Lock Unlock Computer Device – Well almost every computer user knows How to Lock Computer Device with “win+L” Key combination. But is it Safe and Secure from unauthorized access? The answer is No. Locking a system with windows mechanism is safe if your password is secure, but a computer expert can easily unlock by trying couple of password combination. So how can you ensure that when you are away no one can unlock your system? In this post I am going to share Top ways to Lock and Unlock Computer that depends on the availability of some other device to unlock the system. You can read more methods to Lock Computer System by clicking the following links

Ways to Lock Unlock Computer Device

#1 Lock and Unlock Your PC Device with USB Device

Securing your computer system with USB device is very safe method to lock the device. Once you locked the device with a USB device a Safe encrypted file gets stored on the USB and you can easily remove the device when you need to leave the system for some time. The moment you remove the pen drive system gets locked and it will be unlock only when device is inserted in USB Port. To use Pen Drive as security tool you need to install certain software that will generate and monitor the presence of encrypted file on USB Device. USB Raptor is a free software that can configure USB devices to lock and unlock the computer.

USB Raptor

#2 Lock Computer with Bluetooth Device


Getting you system Locked with a Bluetooth device adds sort of fun in daily life. You can use software such as BTProx a small windows application that can be used to turn your Bluetooth device in locking tool. When you walk away from the computer the device is disconnected and the computer is locked after timeout.

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