Benefits of an Automatic Ball Fetch Machine for Dogs

Are you growing afraid of your pooch tearing up all the furniture for the third time this week? Would you like to find a way to relieve your dog of separation anxiety when you are away?

We usually assume our dogs love nothing more than to dig in the garbage or chew through our couch pillows. Many dog owners keep their dogs outside exactly out of this belief. To dogs, however, there’s nothing personal.

Dogs do what they do out of boredom or anxiety. And nearly every dog parent of a Siberian husky, German shepherd, or other energetic breed knows how insidious boredom is.

An automatic ball fetch machine is one way to end your dog’s war on shoes and furniture. And as good as it sounds already, this tool has even more unique benefits to share.

It Helps Your Dog to Stay More Active 

Pet obesity is a serious issue. Excessive body weight is bad for human health, and there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be for your dog’s well-being. While some may think that wobbling pugs are adorable, obesity causes more than heavy breathing and vet visits. 

Dogs are prone to many obesity-related illnesses like diabetes and joint issues. With our busy schedules and low energy, we often do our poor pets a disservice by not keeping them active. An automatic ball fetch machine is a wonderful remedy for this situation.

After all, dogs never mind going for a good run. And the automatic ball fetch machine entices them to do just that. By simply sprinting for the ball, your dog can get in top shape in no time at all.

It Prevents Your Dog from Getting Bored

Dogs resemble children in many ways. When they get bored, they seek out anything to occupy themselves with. Sometimes, this means trouble for your brand-new shoes, a couch cushion, or the defenseless trashcan.

Many dog owners would rush to scold their pups for the mischief. But why not show our pets some empathy? Like a colorful toy keeps a toddler occupied for hours, so does an automatic ball fetch machine entertain your dog.

Save your shoes from toothmarks by letting your dog chase a ball or two in the yard instead. For dogs struggling with separation anxiety or depression, a good daily game of fetch might be just what they need.

It Works Perfectly for Independent Play  

Most dogs are satisfied with gnawing on a tennis ball or a bone. Some canines, however, have a strong need to pursue their prey. Unfortunately, not every dog owner has the time or energy to spare for such playtime. But no one says a dog can’t be trained to be more independent!

All you need is a little dog training, some tasty treats, and a decent automatic ball fetch machine. Once your dog gets a hang of the device, they can play on their own without your assistance. 

Automatic ball fetch machines, found on this site, are great in that dogs of all sizes can be trained to use them. All you have to do is encourage your dog to fetch the ball and drop it back into the machine. With every ball retrieval, the machine will automatically shoot the ball back out for another round of fetch. 

Rain or Snow, Fetch Must Go On

When you think of a good old game of fetch, you may assume that it can only be played outside. With an automatic ball fetch machine, though, you can take all the fun inside. The machine can shoot at long and short distances alike, depending on the setting you choose. 

This means your dog no longer has to miss the daily portion of exercise because of the weather. 

Does your dog enjoy playing in the rain or mud? You can always kick the fun up a notch with a durable automatic ball fetch machine. It keeps the game going for as long as your dog wants. And the best part is that it can also entertain multiple dogs at once.

Works Well for Dogs of Any Size, Breed, and Age

Last but not least, an automatic ball fetch machine can be a game changer for older canines. It gets your old pooch up and running like a puppy again. And speaking of puppies, they won’t hesitate to play with the machine either.

Old or young, large or purse-sized, almost every canine can be happier and healthier with an automatic ball fetch machine.

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