Augmented Reality App And Mobile App Development: How to Choose Best SDK

Augmented reality app development as well as virtual reality technology have strong influence on interacting with digital data. Their impact on business is still growing. Virtual Reality was first technology that allowed users to plunge into virtual environment in real time with the help of such equipment as headsets and VR glasses. But how can a developer augment real life experience with the minimum additional equipment? This is where augmented reality app development company comes into play.

AR Mobile App Development: Selecting Appropriate Software

Augmented reality app developers usually choose software development kit according to the functionality of an application. As a wide variety of SDKs is available on market, there are several factors that must be taken into consideration when selecting software development tools.

Cloud recognition

This framework feature is crucial for AR mobile app development, because it allows to store all the markers in the cloud. With the help of cloud-based storage AR application requires less space on user’s device. A key difference among various SDKs is the storage limit, as the number of objects that should be recognized can range from a hundred to several thousands of target images. And greater number of markers, in turn, enables developers to create more engaging augmented reality experience.

3D Image Tracking

Nowadays 2D image tracking is common capability of most augmented reality SDKs, its function is to recognize flat objects, surfaces and images. But if AR mobile app development company has a goal to create immersive lifelike application, it is better to use SDK with 3D image tracking functionality. As this feature enables a developer to use 3D models and 3D objects as AR markers, it expands the opportunities for augmented reality apps. This feature can be useful for creating games and application for commercial uses.

Platform Support

For various sophisticated applications, it is important that SDK is compatible with the Unity cross-platform game engine. Utilizing Unity allows creating spectacular graphics, developing high-quality 3D games and entertainment apps. On the other hand, this framework is resource-intensive, so AR mobile app developers can also use software development kits that works on their own engines on iOS and Android devices. In this case, programming phase is required for each platform, but it allows an application to run smoother and faster.

Augmented reality app development company

The cost-efficiency is another vital criteria for AR app development. Most SDK requires a commercial license and open-source frameworks have limited functionality. In this regard, the best decision is to contact augmented reality and mobile app development company – The team of highly skilled developers will select appropriate SDK for mobile application and provide users with stunning AR experience.

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