Applicability of Static Template Generators

Today’s world is running very fast as there is no time for anyone or anything, which means time is given a lot of importance. Every second is valuable.  When the situation is so critical, the usage of time also should be well planned in advance. The usage of a proper Slides Static Template Generator is advisable when a lot of work has to be done and time allotted is less.

Normally, a template is generated or created to minimize the efforts of creating the basic designing of a repeatedly occurring page layout.  Frankly speaking, it provides a framework which consists of common elements, components and modules etc.along with the provision of the cascading style sheet useful for the website. A page layout template consists of creating the page size, their margins and mainly how the data (whether text or image) is organised on the page. Even though the content is good and worthy, if it is not presented properly, there is a chance of neglecting the whole thing. So, to attract attention, the presentation part plays a prominent role.   

Slides static templates generator helps the programmer to bring out their inner creative talent by giving the initial support of basic designs of the page layout. It is a combination of two different techniques, i.e., a hand coded-static site and full-fledged CMS. A programmer should be able to judge when and where he has to use these templates.  Some of the areas where these templates are applicable are as follows: 

  1. Insertion of files: Sometimes Content Management Systems or the CMSs object the user to add some additional customised text or components due to its data validation conditions (since data is taken from a database). In such a case a special plugin may be required. But a Slides Static Template Generator is so flexible that any sort of widget can be inserted into a file either directly or by using a snippet.  In short, there are few limitations when compared to the CMS.
  2. Expiry: When pages are to be generated and reused repeatedly, usage of Static Template generators will be useful.  This function is available in CMS also, but there is an obstacle there. A CMS can be used as long as the cached pages remain on the systems. Once the cached pages are gone, the performance may not be good. But a Static Template generator well as Static sites has the quality on non-expiry of the cached data. So, comparatively, the performance is better than CMS.
  3. Management: Whenever an application has been installed, there are certain files that need to be downloaded along with the application such as the plugins, the themes or the templates it is totally dependent on those files. If a static template is available, which is easy to install, update an manage, it is worth trying.
  4. Security: CMS is built in such a way that anyone can use it and make required changes, but a static template is well defined.  So any changes made can be retrieved back. Testing can be done easily.

A Slides Static Template Generator is applicable in all situations where the conditions such as insertion of files; expiry and management of data; and security play a prominent role.

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