A Simple Guide to Use Android’s Pattern Lock Security in Windows

Android Lock is a very famous Lock pattern in which you can create your own pattern to unlock the screen. Now you have the facility to use the same on Windows Machine. The tool used to lock windows screen using pattern is Enusing Maze Lock, I have tried it on Windows 7 and it works perfectly. It uses the same Android Lock Mechanism to lock and unlock windows screen. Below is the complete guide to use the software.

How to Use Android’s Pattern Lock Security in Windows

1. Download and install Eusing Maze Lock. After the installation is complete you have to reset the default pattern lock so that you can create your own pattern to lock the system.

android lock screen1

2. After resetting the default pattern, create your own pattern by connecting the dots together. Default grid size is ‘3×3’ but you can change it to increase the security of your pattern to either ‘4×4’ or ‘5×5’.

android lock screen2

3. The software also provides option to take backup of the pattern image so that if you forget the pattern the backup can be used to unlock your system.

android lock screen3

4. Select the place where you want to store the backup image. I suggest you to store it on USB so that you can use the image on another system to remember the pattern and unlock the system.

android lock screen4

5. From the General Settings Tab, you can change the options like “Autolock on windows Startup” and lot more. In this tutorial I have tried to unlock the system after 3 min of idle state.

android lock screen5

6. Below is the screenshot when my system gets locked and I have to draw the pattern again to unlock it.

android lock screen6

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