Google Android Apps to Disable Background Services to Improve Battery Life

How to Improve Battery Life of Android Mobile and Tablet – This is the question that bothers many users. In the earlier post I have mentioned certain things that can save Battery in Android Smartphone like turning off features like WI-Fi, Bluetooth that are not needed every time and turning off PUSH service. You can also go through Top 5 Android Battery Saver Apps for Mobiles and Tablets. Many of you will be familiar with background services that run in Windows Operating System and the amount of memory used by them. To increase the speed of PC, software like CCleaner, iolo System Mechanic are there that can free lots of space and shut down unnecessary services. Same goes for Android Mobile and Smartphone in which disabling background services help in improving Battery Life. In this post I come up with a way to Turn off or disable services in Android to improve Battery Life of Mobile and Tablets.

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What are Background Services?

Background Services are nay services that run in the Android Service without any user initiation. Most of them automatic which means they don’t require any response from the user to get started and running. These background services in Android can be divided into service run by system apps and service run by applications installed by user. One can ask that what the use of these services is if they consume battery. The answer is very simple, these services are required for a variety of purposes like data retrieval, needed by applications to work properly and many of them. Well I will recommend you to turn off background services permanently but if you are running short of the battery then you can disable them so that you can increase battery life.

Top Apps to Disable Android Background Service to improve Battery Life

Note: Use of the Apps given below may show you the services that you can disable to improve Battery Life but Rooting of your Android Smartphone and Tablet is needed to do the same. To learn how to Root Android Device Read article from Hackyogi.

App 1 – Disable Service

Disable Service helps you to disable services running in the background such as “push service”, “upload service” or “pull ad service” and so on. Disable Service App requires booting of the device to work properly. You can install this app on any device running of Android version 2.2 or higher. To use the App you have to install Disable Service App and open the app to see the services running in your Android Smartphone or Tablet. When you will open the disable service app you can see a screen displaying all the services running something like in the figure below. You can see two tabs ‘General Apps’ the one installed by user and ‘System Apps’ that are used by System Applications. 

Disable Service App - Android Apps to Disable Background Services

Disable Service App – Android Apps to Disable Background Services

Now you can see all the services but when you will go for disabling them you can see a screen mentioning that superuser access is needed to turn off the services which means you should have root your Android device. See the figure below

Superuser is needed - Android Apps to Disable Background Services

Superuser is needed – Android Apps to Disable Background Services

App 2 – Service Killer

Service Killer is an application that specializes in stopping the service that runs in the background. The goal is to cut power consumption by stopping the operation of the unnecessary services that cannot be pre-installed services, etc., you want to uninstall.
In addition to the ability to run periodically stop processing tasks and similar common killer app, it has the ability to perform processing triggered by the occurrence of an event to stop. To use the App you need to install Service Killer App. After you will open the app you can see the same type of screen that is observed above, where you can select the service you want to disable of turn off.

Service Killer - Android Apps to Disable Background Services

Service Killer – Android Apps to Disable Background Services

 So, These are the two Android Apps to Disable Background Services. If you like the article share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and if there is any other app or method known to you please share with us by commenting below. 

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