Android Apps Leveraging a Revolutionary and Fascinating Education System

Teachers can be a synonym for modern-day heroes as without them attaining heights is nearly impossible. Every letter and word, we write, speak and implement is a gift from our teachers. We owe every bit of knowledge to our teachers that we have learned. They can help in a more ultimate and incredible manner with the advanced technologies. Apps commenced by Android Apps Development platform have also played a vital role by bestowing lots of leverage to teachers and students as well. Tablets supporting Android can be employed in the classrooms at various levels of education.

With such an interesting mode, students can be encouraged by immense student engagement and also they can be provided extra learning hours beyond their school hours. The only thing required is the appropriate hardware and software so as to engage young minds. Here, we have rolled up an array of Android apps that are leveraging a plethora of young minds and teachers.

Android Apps Leveraging

Android Apps Really aiding Education System

1. Edmodo

If you are willing to provide safe and secure social network for the kids in order to educate them, then this is the best solution for you. This is an absolutely free app that works perfectly with iPad and Android tablets as well. So, whether you are having iOS device or Android device, you can download this app. Moreover, students and teacher can stay in touch with each other even outside the classrooms in a reliable way. You will find its installation as simple as ABC and it also bestows the discussion hours as well. Since, content can be shared therefore, you can use it as a channel to send and retrieve the latest information and notifications. Teachers can assign the tasks and mark the grades as well through this app.

2. iGradr

This is a teacher pocket grader as it helps with the elementary task of teachers by assisting the kids with new lessons. Tests can be allotted to the kids and further, evaluation can be done. The students can also assess their own performance. Thus, a student can improve his / her studying capabilities by conducting and evaluating the test on its own and at the same time, teachers can save their time against checking and grading the performance of plenty of students. This is because all the manual tasks can be replaced with automatic tasks.

3. Fact Book

After incredible and immense efforts of developers and experts, this app has been introduced. Additionally, this sterling app is another name of mobile atlas portrayed into an encyclopedia. It may not be exactly an encyclopedia, but it can aid you to retrieve the data about various individual countries including cell phone usage, military expenditures and population. Categories might also be comprised of military, transportation, government, population and geography. Craft your own graphs and charts of entire information and evaluate all the data of countries accordingly.

4. ClassDroid

Out of all the lucrative Android apps, we have found the most amazing app; ClassDroid. There are a few compelling reasons that have elevated it to the heights among all other apps. This app bestows a control to the teacher so that they can manage all the information in an organized manner. A teacher can simply capture a snapshot of the students’ work and can store it to the portfolio. The entire work can be seen in a form of presentation. Thus, parents can analyze their kid’s performance in a quicker and facile manner. Thus, a student can also put in some extra efforts on their lacking points. This app eventually helps the teachers, students as well as parents.

The primary concern here is to allow the educators as well as students to access their lessons and courses with a portable device. This way the kids will also find an interesting mode through which they can perform better in their academics. So, the bottom line is that the education system can be turned into an excellent platform for learning with such Android apps.


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