Airsnap: A New Feature That Allows the Photographer in the Photograph

Camera Plus, the photography app developed by Mobile app developers, Globaldelight has added a new exciting feature “Airsnap” to its app. It allows connecting two iOS devices such as an iPhone and an iPad or two iPhones or an iPhone and an iPad to take a photograph. It ensures that no one is left out in a group photo. Usually one person remains behind the lens to take the shot and misses out on becoming part of the memoire.


How it works?
One iOS device is used as a remote control for another iOS device as the camera. To take a shot, set up one iOS device (say iPhone) at a desired location to catch the moment with the family or friends and when you take your position with the group, hit the shutter.

Now let’s see what makes it such an amazing tool for group photos?
A slider feature: The feature “Lumy” studies the light conditions of the surroundings and makes the required adjustments to get a clearer picture. The users who already have Camera Plus installed on their iOS devices can download the new update for free.

A Flash feature: The new release includes a “Soft Flash” for iPads as they have no flash. Along with a 720p video capture option, it makes the image brighter and better. The user can even pause and resume video recording on the move. It also allows sharing AirDrop. The latest version Camera Plus 3.5 has been upgraded to give a users an enhanced experience. It operates on the iPhone 4 and above and also the iPad 2 and above. Both the versions of iPad mini and the 5th Generation iPod touch are also supported by this.

Other features: With Airsnap, the user can control the flash, watch previews on the trigger device immediately, toggle between various camera modes and also make a choice between taking the final shot from the rear or the front camera. These characteristics aid in simplifying the overall management of the app. When employing Bluetooth for photography, a maximum of 10 feet is permissible.

Social sharing: The app with its “Airsnap” feature allows social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Airdrop, iMessage and customization on the Instagram platform.

Overall quality: Some features are really good in improving the overall quality of videos and images. One such image enhancement feature is – Pixe’d. It looks after skin and color tones and makes then better.

Multi-language support: The app now supports numerous languages. The list includes Brazilian, simple Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean Portuguese, Russian Spanish.

The Price: The app costs just 0.99$ and is available on the app store. Both the devices must download and install the app to use the cool feature. It works on Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi.

Taking a group shot was never so easy and perfect. No wonder people are going gaga over the “Airsnap” feature of Camera Plus app from the ace mobile app developers.

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