A Complete Review of the ARO Real Estate Software

A real estate business is a complex one with so many moving parts. For instance, there are a range of aspects that are involved such as marketing, listing, lead processing, comparison of properties and the actual selling among others. And the ARO real estate software is one system that has been designed to automate and consolidate most of these tasks, making the work of the real estate agent much easier. Below are some of most significant features of the software: 

1. Listings
The software features an auto uploader which can upload information to more than 40 website portals simultaneously. Moreover, all the changes that are made to the property will automatically be sent to each of these portals without having to change the pages or clicking on other tabs. Moreover, you can use the unique OFI registration forms in order to collect the details of the OFI attendees. The system will then collect the data and insert the same into your database. The software allows you to view and even edit the data with a lot of ease. 

2. Efficient Contact Management
The software also makes the managing of the contacts to be much more efficient. For instance, you can quickly and easily send emails, log calls and add notes among others. In addition, you can also customize how contacts are stored using tags, sources and custom group features. If you want your customers to receive updates of the new listings, you can add property alerts. It also allows you to import contacts from other sources. 

3. Leads
With the Realestate Software ARO, you can also find motivated buyers that match the new or existing listings quite easily. The leads auto processor will automatically collect leads from reputable sites. You can virtually define your own sales process and use the drag-and-drop pipeline interface in order to move leads through the appropriate stages. This feature also allows you to perform a range of quick actions like; adding tasks, notes or events. 

4. Marketing
With this software, you can also send beautiful newsletters; thanks to the intuitive editor as well as live preview features. You have the option of using the newsletter templates that come with the software or creating your own customized templates. You can simply set the criteria for the listings, team members or testimonials within the newsletter and let ARO handle the rest; including the data insertion. You can also send SMS messages directly from the system.

5. Reports
The software also allows you to analyze the activity and performance of your teams in real time through live reporting. You can select the kinds or reports that you want and add them to your dashboard for easier access. You can also use the reports that are generated for financial forecasting. 

Final Verdict
Using this system in your real estate business will automate your activities, streamline your operations, enhance your website management and increase your productivity. Most of the activities that would otherwise be done manually will be automated, freeing up your time so you can focus on more critical issues that will grow your business. The Realestate Software ARO will basically make your work easier and your operations much swifter. 

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