7 Reasons to Consider a Career as a Developer

Web, software, or app development may be a career option that you are thinking about for the future. Developers of all kinds are currently enjoying a higher level of demand than ever before, with every business today needing websites, software, and mobile application development in some form in order to succeed and meet customer expectations and demands. It’s easy to see why development is a great career option to consider today if you are looking for a career where you can enjoy a high level of demand, excellent career progression opportunities, and the chance to conduct creative and interesting work. Some of the best reasons to get into a career as a developer include:

Excellent Income Potential

A certified professional web developer can earn an average salary of nearly $70k annually. Web, software and app development is a rare type of career where professionals are able to start on the bottom of the career ladder earning much more than what they could expect to in a range of other industries. Entry-level positions in development have a much higher starting salary compared to other career options. 

High Demand

Another key reason why more people are considering careers in software, web and mobile app development is that the demand for these professionals is constantly growing. With over a million jobs currently available in the tech and IT industry and massive shortages of professionals who have the skills and qualifications needed to fill these vacancies, people who are interested in qualifying with a computer science masters degree from Wilfred Laurier University can expect to get into a career where they will never find it difficult to get work. The demand for good developers is set to continue over time, particularly in the area of app development, with an increasing percentage of the population now using smartphone apps. 

Freelance or Start Your Own Business

Training in app, software and web development doesn’t just lead to a high demand from employers. When you have the necessary skills to develop the technology that is needed by businesses and consumers, you also have a great opportunity to get started in a freelance role or even start your own business. Many professional developers are freelancers, allowing them to work in a way that is most suitable for them, completing projects that they want to do and working in their own time for a range of different clients or a single client. If you want to get into a career where you can have more freedom, the opportunity to set your own hours, make decisions regarding the work that you want to take on and enjoy unlimited income potential, getting into development could be a wise move for you. 

Learn In-Demand Skills

When it comes to training as a software, web or app developer, one of the first things that you will need to do is learn a programming language. There are several options to consider when learning how to code. If you are completely new to it, there are plenty of online resources that you can use to easily teach yourself to code in a hands-on way by developing small projects with instructions. As you learn and see what you have been able to create using your new skills, it’s not difficult to become even more motivated to continue and let your creative juices flow. 

Work for Great Tech Companies

With developers in extremely high demand across the tech industry, some of the companies that you could find yourself working for are excellent options for anybody to consider. Tech companies are facing a massive shortage of all types of developers, and as a result, they’re offering more and more benefits and excellent work environments to encourage more people to get into these roles. Whether you’re looking to work for a company that offers benefits such as health insurance and life insurance policies, or you like the idea of working for an employer that offers amazing workplace environments, remote working opportunities, free food at work and plenty of fun alongside working, these modern tech companies that you could end up working for have it all. 

Work on the Next Big Thing

Technology today is constantly evolving with new ideas coming up every day. When you get into the role of a developer, you could be working on the next big innovation to hit the technology world. Whether you’re involved in developing apps for smart technology or the latest social media platform for everybody to talk about, these roles allow you to play a pivotal part in making trends happen and providing solutions to problems that everybody faces. If you want to work in a career where the work you do actually makes an impact that you can see in the world, then getting into development is the way forward. 

Be Creative

A development career isn’t just about coding. This role is an excellent one for getting your creative juices flowing and expressing yourself in your work. Whether you decide to get into web, software or app development, there will always be the chance for you to think outside of the box, be creative, and come up with new and interesting ideas that might even end up impacting society in a positive way. Whether you are developing a new app for a business, coming up with a website that can be used by people to get help with solving problems, or creating software to automate business processes, creativity is key to coming up with solutions that haven’t been thought of before and getting results that are talked about. 

Web, software and app development is an excellent choice of career for anybody who is interested in working in an industry that enjoys high demand, great starting salaries, and opportunities for starting your own business or working as a freelancer. With software, apps, and websites needed now more than ever before, getting into this industry has never been a better choice. In this role you can enjoy creative, interesting work and your skills will always be needed. 

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