6 Apps that can help boost your smartphone’s performance and efficiency


As with any other desktop or operating device, the performance of a smartphone also starts to weaken over the time. These phones have made an irreplaceable space in our lives. We are 80% sure that right now, you are reading this on your phone.

However, despite the significant growth of smart devices, users have complained about performance slowdowns now and then. Either the apps stop working, or phone hangs a lot. Such lags are common if your device is old or it has run its course. But when these things happen with your new phone, it is probably due to some internal flaws.

At this point, it becomes essential that you give your device a proper cleaning and optimize the software. With just a few changes and tweaks, you’d be able to boost the performance of your smartphone. The good news is that you do not need a high degree of technical skills. All you need is to install a couple of applications from the digital stores to do the deeds.

Here are a few apps that can help to improve the efficiency of your smartphone:

  • Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is one of the most upgraded and accurate apps in the stores. It makes use of the latest technology to bring battery stats to the user in real time with accuracy. There are features to extend the battery life of the phone with instant settings. You can activate them with a single tap.

Users can also adjust all of their settings to limited usage and connectivity of the data. There is an option to customize these settings so users can access all tools and connectivity that they need. All these features of Battery Doctor make it a highly useful app for those who are looking to prolong their phone’s battery life.

  • Clean Master

Clean Master, as the name suggests, is an app that improves the performance of your device by deleting the junk files. It optimizes the memory of a device and protects against viruses that you may have installed by mistake. Stats reveal that this app enables users across the globe to clean over 5.1 million MB of junk files every day.

Clean Master also has an added Private Photo feature which helps the user to hide and encrypt their photos. Also, deleting files like app caches and other temporary ones will keep the phone safe from all kinds of malware and viruses.

Given the fact that this app is only available for Android, we must find similar ones for iOS as well. iMyFone Umate Pro is the best alternative to Clean Master for the latest iPhones. It has incredible features and an excellent user interface. Data-erasing features of this app are one of a kind. And the best part is that even the highly developed software program cannot recover the erased files.

  • Boost Clean

Boost Clean is a compact tool that aims to give a power boost to your Android phone. It tags along with junk cleaning and management feature to take care of meaningless data. It cleans up the cache and junk folders like the clean master. There are other features like speeding up the device and releasing memory by a single touch.

The app intends to manage all apps and organise the overall storage space. It handles all background programs and kills the idle procedures that consume memory space.

  • iFreeUp

iFreeUp is available on Apple Store only. It enhances the performance of iOS by file management and storage space clean-up.  There is an option to establish a link with your Windows PC and prevent privacy leak in just one click. It comes along with a similar set of skills like removing junk files such as logs, app cache, and cookies.

This app is easy to use and highly efficient. With the freed space, you can smoothly operate your phone with minimum hang-ups. A feature of this app that users love the most is that it does not cause battery drainage. Hence, it is quite popular on the Apple Store for this distinct quality.

  • Greenify

Your phone is bound to slow down once you install a handful of apps and keep using the device for a long time. The developers of Greenify plan to tackle this issue of battery run-out and slow performance. With this app, your device runs as smoothly as it did the first time you had it. For now, this app is only available for Android users.

Greenify makes it possible for you to identify problem apps. Then you can either delete or put them into hibernation when you are not using these apps. They cannot operate without explicit launch by the user or any other app. This preserves the full functionality of the system.

  • Magic Phone Cleaner

Magic Phone Cleaner is a quick and easy way to save space. This app is available on iOS only, and it is a good alternative to Greenfly. It brings a smooth and clean work experience.  You can check out review forums like Quora to know what others think of this app.

In fact, for every app, you plan to install, make sure that you check out its reputation online. Virtual reviews and ratings can make a huge impact on an app’s success. We are all aware of how AirG fell down the grid due to negative reviews.  However, rectifications from the company in its security algorithm eventually brought forth positive AirG reviews.

All platforms have endorsed this app as a reliable tool that is quick and precise to use. It brings many exciting features that do not only clean the system but also takes care of other things in an efficient manner.

The conclusion

Junk from image and ad thumbnails can take up a lot of space. Plus, some viruses could significantly slow down the overall performance of a smartphone. It is essential that users get to know about popular apps that would help to boost the performance of their devices.

Each of these cleaner and memory booster apps aims to fix specific issues. You can pick one according to your operating system and enjoy the smooth workflow of your smartphone. And keep in mind that, once you select an app, you must upgrade it at a regular basis to keep your phone highly functional.

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