5 Web Tools help save money while shopping online

We love shopping. We all do and will continue to do so. Seeing this trend, it has been deduced in the recent analysis that, in India number of online shoppers will increase tremendously in the next two years. It will touch 40 million by that time. Earlier we were skeptical about the concept of online shopping but everything has changed in the last few years. Thanks to several online stores that are selling millions of products online at competitive prices. With the increase in number of online stores on the internet, confusion rate also increases. Confusion in the mind of online shoppers. You should have a clear mindset before or while buying products online. To make your thoughts clearer, there are some online shopping web tools that would definitely help you to make buying decisions at ease without burning your pocket.


Why do we need online shopping tools?

As shared earlier, with the increase of online stores in the market, online shoppers get so many options that it creates a hint of confusion. Where to buy? How can I save more? In India, people are price cautious. They don’t want to spend more. To help save more, several online shopping tools have been invented and implemented in the recent past. We have narrowed down top 5 web tools that every buyer must consider before shopping online. 

Price Comparison Websites

When you need to know where you can buy a product for lowest price, Price comparison portals are a great help. Price comparison portals give you an online platform where you can surf and analyze all different prices available on different stores for a single product. For eg: If you want to buy an iPhone 6s, then a price comparison site will showcase all prices available on the internet on a single page. Lowest price would be on top of the list. You just have to click on the Buy Now button and you can save more money every time. In India, there are lots of price comparison websites showing best prices for a product. With prices, you can also get several other necessary information regarding the product such as shipping details, product specification, guarantee details.   


Coupon Websites

Using coupon codes or promotional vouchers before buying anything online is always a plus point. Lots of coupon websites have emerged in the last 12 months. Applying coupons always help you save more money online. These coupon sites store all coupons and deals available online and showcase all of them in a more comprehensive way. This way, you don’t only save money but time as well.

Here are the examples of few leading coupon/offers site in India.

Add-ons like Chrome Extensions

Talking about this type of web tool, we could say that such web tools are worth trying. These are one of the easiest ways that would help you save more money every time. Using Chrome Extensions, online shoppers get daily notification about price drop, new launches and discounts. You need to install them first. Several sites now have their own chrome extensions. You have surfed a product (or products) online and you have installed the chrome extension. Next time, when you again open the same portal, it will give you an alert if there is a price drop on last seen product without even going to that page. You will get such alerts even after a month or more.  Some chrome extensions suggest you coupons and offers or announcements according to your browser history.


You usually get periodic newsletter in your inbox every week. Subscribing such newsletters will update you about all recent developments and announcements regarding products. Coupon and deals sites send some best deals through such newsletters.  Don’t afraid, just subscribe.

Social Networking Sites

Nowadays, social networking sites have been highly used as a promotional web tool. You can see several companies have advertised their new or popular products via social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have been commonly used. Recently, Xiaomi has announced price drop information on Facebook.

If you shop online at quick intervals, then you must adopt all these web tools before making any buying decision. You can get all latest information, deals and coupons about the product. Be a smart online shopper.

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