5 Great Online Education Resources for Teachers

5 Great Online Education Resources for Teachers

We are living in a time, when so much knowledge and education is available online, that people have started questioning the need for schools and colleges because students learn more online than in the classrooms. The world has become extremely competitive, and in such a competitive world, it is even tougher for the teachers to survive.

There are many ways teachers may help students learn. Earlier, most of the education was limited to classroom courses, but now with changing technology and enhanced digital devices available to the students, they have the freedom and independence to learn in an even sophisticated manner. Moreover, they may choose what they want to learn. They do not depend upon the teachers to teach them something, but they know what is in trend, and what is the requirement of the world.

Most of the independent freelancers nowadays, learn things online and earn. They don’t do a corporate 9 to 5 job, and they don’t invest money in college either. They learn at least possible cost and get hired at amazing pay-scale. Hence, in such a time, modern teachers need to be advanced and keep abreast of all the scholar software before they might use it.

Here are some great online education resources for teachers:

  1. Scholastic Kids – Scholastic is a renowned name in the field of books and education. They have published many academic and non-academic books and are known for the wonderful book fairs they organized. Scholastic provides amazing material online with their website which is dedicated to teaching resources. You may get lesson plans, course plans and also plan a personalized calendar on their website. They also offer the service to choose a variety of activities ranging from classroom lessons and lab-based experiments which might help you create an interactive environment in your sessions and keep things interesting for your students.
  2. Discovery Education – Discovery channel is famous for showcasing and presenting in-depth knowledge of science, technology, and even wildlife. They also have a website called Discovery Education, that offers an array of programmes for teachers to choose from and they also provide worksheets and term planning to help you plan smartly for future. They have Puzzle Maker using which you can create customized puzzles for your students to solve. They also have Web-Math, and you can impart its knowledge to your students to help them solve their math problems.
  3. Websites for Special Needs – You might not find all the relevant study material that you require for your class-related subjects, as some websites only have general stuff, and some websites only provide material that is useful for elementary level teachers. But if you are a specialized teacher in one subject, you need different websites to get your material from. Some of the websites offer only very specific and crisp knowledge about limited subjects. Wordsmyth is a popular online dictionary, which you can refer to anytime. It is better than having a pocket dictionary, in which it might take hours to search the meaning of a word. Google Earth is a very good platform to learn Geography in real time. EDSITEment is an excellent platform for history enthusiasts, and Education Northwest is a site that provides writing services. It helped me to buy thesis paper online on time once, and I can recommend it to anyone with a dense schedule. Similarly, many other sites and blogs can help you learn a lot.
  4. PBS Teachers – If you are a middle or high school teacher, and you need something sophisticated to learn from, PBS Teachers is a good place to try out. They provide a lot of teaching material, in sync with National education standards. You may find news articles, educator guides and, also create quick presentations for your class, right on their website, by using a variety of graphics available for free. They provide a great platform where the teachers can get valuable information. You may not only choose their website for personal entertainment purposes but also to browse other services that they provide.
  5. Glogster Edu – This is a unique platform that enables the teachers to create customized ‘Glogs’. Glogs are a relatively new term in the world of internet. They refer to a ‘Graphical-Blog’, hence the name ‘Glog’, as they provide interactive services to the users, to create anything using available multimedia. Glogster Edu is a very insightful site, where the teachers may create posters or even a webpage using audio, video, text, multimedia, images and animations. They might later use these web pages as reference links for their students, that the student might visit and learn. It allows a free basic subscription, and a premium $99 per year membership for additional services, but this website is still in its development stage and has not been made active for public use.

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