10 Ways That Will Help You To Promote Your Website

Promoting a website is like climbing Mt. Everest. If you try to climb a mountain very fast then you will fell down. Likewise, if you try to promote a website very fast or else use any black hat techniques then you will be penalized by Google. In order to promote a website very successfully, you have to follow the search engine guidelines very carefully and also must use the white hat techniques. Here are the 10 ways that will help you to promote a website very successfully.

ways to promote website

Top 10 ways to ways to promote website

Guest Blogging 

It is one of the effective way of link building technique. Guest blogging is nothing but generating backlinks through the third party sites. Most of the SEO professionals are focusing more on this technique to generate backlinks. In order to generate backlink on the third party sites, one has to follow strict site guidelines. If one does this then can easily generate backlinks from the third party websites.

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Article & Blog Submission 

Search engines give more advantage for the links that are generated from the article and blog websites. There are numerous number of article and blog websites present in the online. Try to find out those sites that has very good Alexa & page rank and build links on that websites.  Usually, some sites will take more than one week for approval and the other sites may approve the content immediately. It depends on the site admin.

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Business Directories 

Many prospects use the business directories to find out the best company in the industry and also the site allows one to post their website link. So, it helps in finding the prospect as well as generating backlinks.

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Classifieds allows one to post an ad about their service or product. If the visitors find that ad is very useful for them then a company will get high volume of traffic from the classified websites. In some cases, a link built from classified will be very effective.

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Forum is the Q&A place. One can raise a question in order to know about a particular topic and the experts will answer for the particular topic that has been raised. Usually, the forums will have very good alexa and page rank. So, the links that are generated from these website are one position higher than the links that are generated from the other websites. In the forum website one can generate the links in the signature place.

Social Networking Sites

The site which has very good social signals will have very good PR as well as their search engine rankings will also be very good. So, try to post an informative content and generate as many social signals you can.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Like classifieds, social bookmarking can also drive you very good traffic unless you post very good article and bookmark that article. There are tons of social bookmarking sites available. Try to find out the sites that has very good Alexa and Page rank.

Word of Mouth

This is one of the old way of marketing technique and it has been still followed because it is very effective. What one has to do is that tell about their business to their family, friends, relatives and so on. Likewise, they can generate the traffic.


PPC is nothing but pay per click. In order to do this one has to pay from the pocket. It provides you instant result. Most of the companies are focusing a lot on Google adwords because it is providing one more business than other PPC companies. A company has to pay for the PPC company whenever a visitor visits the company website by clicking an ad.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is nothing but sending an email notification to the clients about a special product launch, discount on the product and so on. Most of the corporates handle this technique regularly in order to retain their customers as well as to generate business.

Try to follow all these techniques in order to promote any website or blog.


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