Zemanta Perfect Editorial Tool for WordPress and Blogger

Creating perfect content if the dream of every Blogger whether newbie or the professional one. Many of the Bloggers still think that what is a perfect content which is SEO optimized. Look and Feel matters, it attracts the visitors towards your blog but in the end it’s the content that rule over beauty of the Blog. Google gives more value to the unique and well structure content and it’s not easy to update the blog regular content and still maintaining the SEO friendly nature of the Blog. There exists many plug-in for WordPress which assist in writing good content like linking the terms of the text to the earlier posts, inserting SEO optimized images, showing related posts between article content but none for Blogger. But now Blogger users also use this facility with Zemanta. In this article I am going to tell how to use Zemanta to create Quality content both in WordPress and Blogger.

What Zemanta offers to Blogs?

Some of the features of Zemanta are as follows:

  • Showing Related posts from your own blogs and the network with thumbnail also
  • Links most authoritative related posts which is good for SEO
  • Related Images added with a single click with proper credits
  • Link Love by linking to other bloggers’ related posts. In turn, we’ll recommend your posts to other bloggers. Then find out how much love (links, tweets, likes) your posts received via Zemanta Dashboard.
  • For Blogger Zemanta easily tag the post with labels. Doing this with Zemanta is lot easier and brings your Blog more closely to Search Engines.


How to use Zemanta with WordPress Blogs

Installing and using Zemanta in wordpress is just like using any other plugin. Just Download and Install from here. Activate the plugin to start using the services of Zemanta. In wordpress you can see new widget in ‘Add/Edit Posts’ section with name ‘Content Recommendation’. Just expand the widget and you will see the images options that you can insert and below are the related articles from other blogs which you can insert in your post with or without thumbnails. At the bottom of post editor new widget appears which is ‘In-Text Links’ which links your keyword present in article to articles and you can always select which keyword is to link. See the figure which clearly explains all the features said above.

New Picture (1)

There is also a widget which suggests you the tags depending on the content. See figure below for the tags that are generated for this post.

New Picture (2)

Inserting pictures from Zemanta is very useful because not only it saves time in searching and inserting the related picture but also it adds the image with proper credit. See the figure below.

New Picture

How to use Zemanta for Blogger based Blogs

Using Zemanta with wordpress seems very simple as you just have to install and activate the plugin. It is very simple to use on Blogger also in which you have to install the browser extension. Download and install Google chrome Browser extension from here. After extension gets added you can see new icon on the right end corner of your browser clicking of which allows you to enabling/disabling of the Zemanta extension. Once you install and register your blog with the Zemanta you can use this extension in the same fashion as it was explained above for wordpress.

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