Xnspy: The Best Android Spy Software for Your Money

Wanna take full control of a situation? A mobile spyware for Android is your best bet. These days you don’t need to hire a detective to keep tabs on someone. It takes barely a few minutes to set up a specific cell phone spy app on the smartphone. And don’t think of it as some kind of undercover activity. I am talking about concerned parents who are desperate to protect their kids from natural threats lurking around the corner or a business owner who wants to optimize the productivity of his employees. Or you want to be convinced of the honesty of your partner and build the relationship on truth? Take a look at the best Android spy software called Xnspy that has seen hundreds and thousands of downloads till this day owing to its powerful features and ability to deliver results. To affirm, whether Xnspy worth the investment, I will review this popular mobile spyware for Android in this post.

Why Should You Opt for Xnspy?

I know you would be wondering why you should choose Xnspy when there are hundreds of spyware available on the market if not thousands. Well, the answer is you have to use it to believe it. The best Android spy software so simple and efficient to use that it will be your go-to solution to eavesdrop on someone just after using it for five minutes. Xnspy offers all the features that one wishes to see in a mobile spyware for Android and that too without any complexities.

Setting up this software doesn’t require you to have a professional degree in IT. It’s a cinch to install. Even a non-tech savvy person can set up and use Xnspy without any hassle. In case, you encounter any technical problems while installing or using the program 24/7 live support is there to assist you. All you need to do is opt for a subscription plan and wait for the firm to send you the download link along with your personal web account details .i.e. username and password.

What About the Features?  

The best Android spy software proffers a wide variety of features that will aid you to accomplish your task with ease whether you are looking to monitor an Android smartphone or a tablet. Once the app is installed on the target device, you can use the features to spy on a person of interest after signing into your web-based account. Here is what you can do with this mobile spyware for Android:

  • Read All Messages

We exist in an era where people prefer to communicate via texting or chatting rather than making a call. Xnspy empowers its users to view almost all kinds of messages which are sent or received on the phone. This includes:

  1. Text Messages
  2. IM Chats (WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, Line, etc.)
  • Emails

I am of the view that this is probably the most frequently used function, especially, if you are aiming to snoop on your children or committed partner’s cell phone.

  • Monitor Multimedia Files

With Xnspy, you can actively keep a close eye on the target’s multimedia files such as videos, pictures, and other files. It will help you peep into the monitored person’s private affairs. Younger generation loves to capture their photos, so they can share it with their friends or a close a friend. Unfortunately, sometimes it puts them in a serious jeopardy. However, if you are monitoring your kids’ multimedia file you can keep them out of trouble.

  • View Phone Logs 

Access phone logs on the monitored device with Xnspy to find out any suspicious callers or contacts on the list. This feature can also come in handy even for big corporations and companies that are spending hefty cash on phone communications. It will enable them to slash those cell phone bills. Furthermore, they can spy on their employees’ phone calls to ensure that they aren’t sharing their trade secrets with a rival or an emerging business. Husbands and wives can also confirm or dispel their doubts by noting down the time and date stamps of each phone call.

  • Check GPS Location

This app uses the GPS technology on the phone or tablet to pinpoint its location on a map. So if you deem it necessary to know the whereabouts of an individual Xnspy would be of great use to you since it also allows users to see the location history of the person of interest. In fact, the super-efficient app records all the visited locations even if the device fails to establish an internet connection. Furthermore, you can use the geofencing feature to get alerts if the target enters or exist designated zones. It’s an excellent feature professional parents who want their kids to stay away from unsafe areas near their school or home.

  • Track Internet Activity

Track web browsing history and saved bookmarks with this best Android spy software to spot any suspicious activities. For instance, the feature can be used to see if a spouse has been frequently visiting a hotel website for bookings or sending expensive gifts to an unknown person from an online store. Parents, on the other hand, can bar their children from accessing inappropriate content leveraging this mobile spyware for Android.

The Good Thing About Xnspy

There are several pros of using Xnspy such as:

  1. Works in 100% stealth mode.
  2. Does not take its toll on the monitored device.
  • An affordable solution (costs no more than $12.49 a month).
  1. Send remote commands without creating awkward sounds or sending weird messages.
  2. Remotely wipes the data from the device.

The Bad Thing About Xnspy

Sure, it’s a good tool to have at your disposal, but bear in mind it has its limitations:

  1. Record device surroundings for maximum 30 minutes only. Then, you have to send another command to continue the recording.
  2. Doesn’t allow users to set time limits on the monitored device.


All in all, Xnspy is an excellent spyware when it comes to real-time monitoring and swift reporting. With its budgeted price, around the clock support and user-friendly setup, it can be a potential choice for an employer, parent or an individual who want to keep track of a loved one. Of course, there are a few limitations but on the whole, it offers good value for money.

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