Workplace Communication App ‘U&Me Plus’ Optimizes Mobile Workforce without Compromising Security

The recent hacking incidents that have taken place recently in enterprise and government have forced the company CIOs and Information Technology (IT) managers to think about the effectiveness of the IT security.

It is complex to maintain a security of an enterprise network covering desktop infrastructure and internal servers up-to-date with the advanced technologies. However today numerous CIOs are recognizing that they also need to consider mobile workforce as well as the remote network scenarios which include Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy.

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Workforce Is More Mobile Now

Numerous employees find it difficult to deal with the pace at which the employees are becoming mobile. And by mobile, here I am talking about the 21st century workers who are equipped with proper technology enabling them to perform their work from any location on the earth and communicate from anywhere.

The same technology that facilitates employees’ mobility also provides cyber terrorists and hackers new roads to enterprises as well as government networks, making it essential for the network administrators to lay focus on these new security risks.

Furthermore, adding more to the complexity of IT data and networks for the modern workforce, the CIOs should strive to manage both productivity and security. If the CIOs devise tight and difficult security protocols, then employee productivity may decline; if they devise weak protocols, the security threats raises.

Network Security Is Of High Priority

One of the biggest challenges faced by today’s companies is: maintaining a good balance between the security and productivity. In regards to securing mobile devices, the IT network admins work with less number of procedures and tools. They may permit only company-approved applications with latest versions on worker devices, or utilize enterprise app stores to make applications that are safe to use in the organizational environment. Commonly, they will use two-factor authentication and device management software on the enterprise network.

A big problem is that most of the CIOs and IT guys don’t understand is that mobile employees are can deal with business instantly and remotely now. Mobility facilitates the employees to resolve the issues and form solutions on the movie. If you interrupt that workflow, the productivity may affect. An enterprise should provide their mobile employees tools that allow them to work remotely and stay mobile, yet also don’t impede productivity.

In addition, when it comes to security, IT managers should consider the requirement to obey different security compliance requirements such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and SOX (Sarbanes–Oxley). Such regulations are difficult to comply with, taking into account the remote networking technology that was used by a mobile worker.

Good News! U&Me Plus Can Secure Mobile Workforce

Though it is difficult to balance the security and mobility, there are few solutions for it.

If an effective BYOD policy is integrated, then the best tools available to fulfil the needs of a mobile employee is ‘Secure Messaging’. It is very clear that texting apps are used actively by the workforce in the company. Then why not make then secure?

Messaging is an important method of performing business communication. Studies show that about seventy percent of workers are using messaging for business dealings. However, consumer messaging applications do not fulfill the communication and security needs of today’s professionals.

Secure messaging apps, dissimilar to basic SMS messaging, provide an effective platform for current mobile employees. They offer a channel to simply and affordable secure corporate data in CYOD and BYOD conditions.

Secure messaging apps such as U&Me Plus, for example, make sure the data remains secure and private while obeying the regulatory compliance. The facility to send files and confidential company data in a secure environment enables better communication between workers and also boosts their productivity.

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