Working From Home? Here are the Must-Have Apps to help you Stay Focused and Productive

Working from home is the dream. With no time wasted commuting to and from office and being able to sit all day in shorts it sure was the envy of all who didn’t have this amount of flexibility in job. But, now that covid-19 has forced all of us indoors and almost all firms have adopted the work from home model, we’re fast learning this arrangement is not all that it’s hyped up to be.

Sure, work from home makes you feel like you’re your own boss, but if only being boss was that easy. It really takes a lot of discipline to make this arrangement work. And, given that schools are closed and the house is packed with people all the time now, managing work has definitely gotten harder. To help you cope with stress and ensure you give your best to your work, we’ve compiled a list of apps that’ll boost your performance all the while keeping you sane. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Be Focused

The name is quite apt, don’t you think? So, how does it help you stay focused?

Basically, this cool AI is a smart productivity timer. It monitors where you’re spending your time. Are you wasting time watching YouTube or scrolling on your social media feed?  Be Focused knows it all and what it does is it tricks you into completing your tasks in a gamified manner. You’ll have your work complete without agonizing over it. Pretty neat, right? If this still doesn’t cut it for you, try the next app on our list.


Some of us need a stricter hand only then do can we get work done in time. For those of us, downloading Focus is a must. It is much more drastic and instead of guiding you back to your work with a nudge, it instead straight up blocks all those social media apps your crazy about. Find yourself stuck on a level and unable to sign out of the game? With this app you don’t need to summon your storing will. Focus makes sure you can’t access them to begin with. 


The power of lists cannot be ignored. Once you write down all your tasks, you’re one step closer to getting them done. And in this tech savvy era, you no longer need thick diaries and binders to get your life sorted. 2Do is a great project management tool that revolutionizes the game. It is a life planner really and you should give it a try if you haven’t already. It can help you figure out logistics for moving countries as well as plan a banquet for 200 guests and the best thing about it is the experience you get and the feeling of productivity it undoubtedly gives ensuring you stay motivated day in and day out.


Coordinating on the phone can get hectic, not to forget it is a sure way to drive up your phone bill. So, what do you do? After all, you must stay connected with your colleagues, right. Well, the answer is simple: get Zoom.

There are a lot of video calling apps out there, but Zoom manages to hold its own among the competition and why wouldn’t it? It lets you hold a meeting with up to 1000 people and that too in HD quality. All you need is a high-speed reliable internet connection like Wow internet service and you’re good to go. It also offers group messaging tools and instant file sharing. What more could you want?


Explaining something on call, whether audio or video, is not always easy. Sometimes you just want to take physical control of the other person’s screen to get them to see what you’re getting at. In times like those TeamViewer is the ultimate app. It lets you work on the screen of another computer remotely and vice versa. It’s a pretty cool piece of tech to try, but at the same time its usage highly depends on your nature of work. If it involves confidential information, you’d do better not to install it.


If you feel overwhelmed and unable to focus, or just plain stressed, we’d recommend you download Headspace. This meditating apps offers basic courses free of charge that you can practice daily. You’ll feel the difference for sure once you begin using it. 

Final Words

Work is work which you have to get done. While we’re sure you’re managing to get your daily office work done in time, its impact on your home life is another story. These apps can be used to make you focus better so you’re more productive which automatically implies you have more time to give to your family. Sure, covid-19 lockdown is a scary thing, but at the same time you can use it to improve your family life. So, go on download these apps today!

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