WordPress is now the most used platform in Monetizing Sites

Now a days WordPress is the most used Content Management Software(CMS). The web development tool is being explored in possible every domain area whether it is Education, E-Commerce Websites, Retail Business or Social Networking Platform. But why WordPress is being used by majority of e-Commerce platforms? The reason is the features of WordPress that we can going to discuss in this article.

WordPress – History

WordPress is a web site builder and content management tool developed on MySql and PHP. Generally we associate WordPress with Blogging but apart from creating, managing blogs, it is also used to create some of the biggest casino sites, education portal, and ecommerce websites. WordPress features lots of plugins and templates that make website creation literally child’s play. It is almost like working on and word editor tool. First release of the software was in May 2003 and since then it is being used by more than 60 million websites worldwide. 

Why WordPress

Now the most important topic is Why should one needs to use WordPress to create website or manage blog. There are lots of exciting features that comes with WordPress such Ocean of Themes both free and premium. There are themes available for each domain. Then there are lakhs of extensions available to use. You just need to search install and use the plugin. 

When we talk about the eCommerce Websites that are majorly built to monetize the content, there are lots of things that we need to consider before going for launching of the website. And WordPress hosts lots of inbuilt features, plugins that really helps in building awesome looking and feature loaded websites. Few of the plugins to mention are WooCommerce, WP eCommerce and BigCommerce WordPress Plugin. All three plugins are very popular and used by majorly all eCommerce website built on WordPress. One such website using WooCommerce is ShopRootScience.com

Apart from eCommerce, WordPress is also being used in lots of Casino Sites.  although online casinos uses a self developed site (because wordpress isn’t the safe), they use wordpress sites as their supporting site (for specific content). WordPress offers lots of exciting extensions in the form of plugins. Casino reviews Websites use plugins like publishing casino reviews and using external affiliate links. There are lots of WordPress themes offering one click import facility to create casinos review websites in 5 minutes. The themes offers features such as casino review page templates, special pre-built custom post types: casinos, games and bonuses. 

In conclusion i can say that WordPress is coming from just from Blogging Platform to one of the most used eCommerce platforms.

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