Wondershare PDFelement: The PDF Editor You can Trust

These days, PDF’s have become almost an indispensable part of our lives. From offices to homes, it can become one of the surest ways to share documents all over the world. Due to this fact, there is always a need to manipulate or fine tune PDF documents to suit our needs and this is where PDF editors come into play. There are many PDF editors apart from Adobe which the most popular that can help you do a lot with your PDF documents and it is Wondershare PDFelement. Just read on as we bring to you what you need to know about this important software.


First of all, Wondershare PDFelement is a wonderful all in one PDF editor which offers you the capability to edit, read, create and manage all your PDF documents in a simple and easy way. In fact, the availability cut across all platforms, from Windows to Mac and to iOS, it gives you the same wonderful editing experience. What about pricing? It offers superb pricing plans that will give you real value for your money making it one of the most cost effective editors and a suitable alternative to a more costly Adobe. Besides, installation is easy and as long as you download the installer set up on the official website, you are good to go.

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Having said all the above, let us take a look at some of what makes Wondershare PDFelement stand out of the crowd.

Offers Password Protection For PDF documents: Document security cannot be overemphasized in this era and as such, you need a password protection to ensure that unauthorized persons are prevented from assessing your documents. Wondershare PDFelement offers password protection for your PDF files while applying restriction to editing, printing and other activities on your PDF files.


Availability of Industry Leading OCR Tool: The availability of OCR function in this software has given it a large advantage over other competitors. OCR tool makes it possible for users to convert any image based PDF document into searchable, selectable and editable document while also maintaining the document layout. This is one of the best features any PDF editor can have.


Offers Digital Signatures: Everyone would like to make their PDF documents more authentic and digital signature application just does that. Wondershare PDFelement offers an industry standard digital signature to its numerous users and this means that you can create encrypted digital signatures which are personal or create handwritten signatures.

Other Top Class Features: Wondershare PDFelement gives you the ability to create PDF documents from scratch or from existing files, merge, split, annotate, redact as well as other functions, just name it.

Free Trial: It’s good to know that you can always try it out before committing your hard earned money and this is to show you that the PDFelement does what it says. It is certain that you would not let go once you use the free trial version because you will be impressed on the whole thing.

The truth remains that Wondershare PDFelement is the PDF editor you can trust. Go for it!

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