Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro Review

DVDs might appear only a little old school, but it’s still the easiest way to store a real copy of one’s all time favorite movies, TV shows and even a saving of special moment in your life. However, even as we attended to learn, DVDs can quickly be broken, lost as well as scratched, that may cause them to become unusable. So, you need to be wondering why can’t I just copy the files of a DVD to a computer. Well, movies and TV shows in a disk feature videos in the VOB file format, which does certainly not play well with nearly all devices. Thus, you will be needing a DVD ripper software to convert video files in a DVD to popular video file formats and well, we’d recommend Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro software.

The Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro is a pretty famous ripping solution, which brings a number of cool features that should make sure you don’t need another ripping software. So, if you are looking for a DVD ripper tool, here is our review of the Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro.

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Features: What Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro offers?

The Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro software includes some great benefits, which makes it a go-to ripping solution. So, let’s have a look at a number of its key features:

  1. The Advanced Decryption Technology

Wonerfox DVD Ripper Pro can flawlessly decrypt and rip your DVDs with CSS, DRM, Sony ARccOS Protection, Disney X- project DRM. On another hand, the encryption and unlocking of Region codes is completed using WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

You might also need the entire power of removing otiose ads and you may also intelligently grab the key titles or full titles. It all hangs the thing you need actually.

You are able to decrypt any DVD protections and convert your DVD to a movie, with constant supports to new DVD encryption. You are able to rip various kinds of your purchased DVD like the Movie DVD, TV show DVD, Fitness DVD, Tutorial and other things also without the issues.

Although some of those DVDs may have a number of copy protections to prevent copying DVD content from the DVD to disk. But it’s actually easy utilizing the DVD Ripper Pro Software where you are able to also fix your scratched DVDS anytime you would like to.

  1. Convert DVD to Any Format

I think you need to have also encountered some annoying things. For example: it requires an excessive amount of room to store our DVDs especially once we have an increasing quantity of DVD discs which cost us a lot. You realize, inevitably, the DVD discs might be scratched and damaged when we don’t put them properly. Or someday want to view a well-liked old DVD on an impulse but have to pay many hours to locate it out. It’s so terrible. The DVD Ripper Pro solves the situation easily. That’s, we ought to copy DVD to tablet or alternatively rip DVD to computer.

On the basis of the built-in leading DVD decryption and decoding technology, DVD Ripper Pro always ready to assist you rip any DVD (Disc/Folder/ISO) to standard video formats, including DVD to AVI, DVD to MP4, DVD to MKV, DVD to MPG, WMV, MOV, MTS, M4V, ASF, DVC, MTS, M2TS, WEBM, FLV, SWF, VOB, F4V, 3GP and 3GP2 to generally meet your different demands and also DVDs to HD video formats for better playback a more substantial screen.

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  1. Perfect Balance in Compression Ratio, File Size and Output Quality.

Compress a DVD(7.5 GB) to digital video(1.2 GB) without losing quality. The DVD Ripper Pro can choose the best parameters for your video automatically, so you just do your own thing during the ripping.

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  1. Fastest DVD-to-digital Conversion Speed.

Only 20 minutes to rip a 150 minutes DVD to MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, WMV with 0-Quality-Loss and much less time to backup a DVD to MPG(only 5~10 minutes).


DVD Ripper Pro is the efficient and practical software, which can bring more convenient service but cheaper price. It can rip the DVD and it was called the best Windows 10 DVD Ripper. It gets good reputation not only beginners but also skillful users.

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