WinX MediaTrans – the strongest iTunes Alternative for Windows PC


If you are an iPhone user, then this post is especially for you. Transferring Media Files from iPhone, iPad to Computer PC is not as easy in Android Device. In this post, I am going to share a review article on World’s No.1 fast iPhone iPad Software to transfer Media Files between iPhone iPad and Computer. The best part of this software is that there is no iTunes DRM Limitation.

Earlier iTunes was the only way to manage Media Files for iPhone users, but today many people are looking for the alternative. WinX MediaTrans which has emerged as one of the strongest iTunes Alternative for Windows PC provides convenient way to people who are still not comfortable with the Apple Operation.

Features of iTunes Alternative – WinX MediaTrans

There are lot of features in WinX MediaTrans iTunes Alternative Software. Before discussing all the features, I would like to inform that the company has recently added a new feature that Removes DRM limitation of iTunes and allows to decode and synch movies. One more unique feature of the software is support of QSV & Nvidia NVENC hardware acceleration which makes the processing extra fast.

Some of the exciting features are as follows:

  • Easy Transfer Photo, Music, Video etc.
  • Manage all iPhone Music, Options such as Add, Edit, Delete Playlist and Songs
  • Batch Conversion of iOS Unsupported Video/Music is supported
  • Convert ePUB to PDF/TXT/HTML ebook

Giveaway of WinX MediaTrans – iTunes Manager


I want to share very important information about the iTunes Alternative Software. The company is running a Giveaway Contest in which you just need to enter the Email Id to get License Code. There are only 500 Copies per Day. So Hurry and grab a Free License Code of the Best iTunes Manager – WinX MediaTrans Software.

How to Use WinX MediaTrans Software

Download and install the software from this link. Once the installation is complete, connect iPhone iPad with Computer PC and open the software.


You can see different options as shown in the above image also. Choose the appropriate option and proceed further. As you can see the interface is simple but very informative.

Instead of backing up your Photos on iCloud as in iTunes, with this software you can take easy backup on your Hard Drive.


Managing the Songs and Playlist is very easy. Select “Music Manager” and you will see an image like below. Adding Music, Editing Song information, deleting a Song is just Clicks Away.


How to convert and Transfer DRM Protected Media Files using WinX MediaTrans Software

DRM (Digital rights management) is an access control concept which is used to control the usage of Work which is Digital Media in this case. The problem with DRM content is that you can play the media file on only your authorized Apple devices (5 iDevices only).  If you want to access the content on other platform then there is no way. But WinX MediaTrans overpowers that DRM protection and allows you to access and share the DRM protected files on various platforms. There are basically three types of media files i.e., Movies, Music and iBooks. WinX MediaTrans allows you to decrypt the protection from all these three types of media files.

Steps to Remove DRM Protection from Movies

To remove the encryption from iTunes Movies, first connect your Apple device with PC and don’t forget to check “Prevent iPods, iPads, iPhones from syncing automatically” in iTunes. Once it is done, select “Video” Menu from Software UI and you will see an image like below:


As you can see there are 2 files with DRM protection. Select the file and click “Export” menu item on the top. After that you need to hit green “Decode” button and in very short time your DRM-Free Movie will be saved in your computer for further playback on other devices.

Similarly you can Export DRM-Free Music and iBooks from Apple device to your destination folder.

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