Windows Update Cleanup KB 2852386 help me recover Gigabytes of Memory – Try Yourself

Want to Recover Waste Memory in windows – Use Windows Update Cleanup KB 2852386 that helped me restore more than 3GB of memory space. Do you want to free wasted memory just like me then you don’t have to install any third-party software, just update your Windows 7 once more. Windows update are a necessary part of stable operation for any system. But have you ever given a thought about the memory that all update files use. Once installation and updating is complete there is no use of the installer files. In windows 8.1 there is inbuilt feature that lets drop the windows update and security update files through Disk Cleanup. But prior to KB 2852386 Update there is no such facility available in Windows 7. But thanks to Microsoft team, after installing KB 2852386 Update you can recover waste memory in windows 7 also.

Windows Update Cleanup

How to install Windows Update Cleanup KB 2852386

There are two ways to install and use Windows Update Cleanup. One is to download from the Microsoft’s Knowledge Base where you need to get pass through Windows Genuine Advantage Check. The other and much simpler method is to update your windows and when all update will be displayed to you select only “KB 2852386” as shown in the image below

Windows Update Cleanup Search

After that click on Install update which will show the size of the KB 2852386 update only 378 KB.


Now after update is downloaded and installed in your system, i recommend you to restart your system although the update doesn’t say to restart. But it will be better to do it manually so that the effects can take place

Now the fun part begins where you actually gets to see how much space Windows update files are using on your system. Go to the drive where you have windows installed and right-click on it to choose “Properties” Menu item.

Disk Cleanup

In the Disk Cleanup tab now you will see more options like “Windows Update Cleanup” and amount of space that can actually recover. As you can see in the image below, in my system 3.49 GB of Hard Disk space is used by these windows update installer files. Just check the option and hit OK button to delete all this files and Recover Waste Memory in Windows

Recover Waster Memory in Windows

Are there any Side Effects of using Windows Update Cleanup

Well i didn’t find any side effect of deleting the old windows update installer files apart from the fact that you might not be able to uninstall some of the updates that are installed previously. But to be honest i have rarely see anyone wanted to uninstall windows update. Other than that it is perfect tool that must be used by everyone who loves keep their windows updated.

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