why you should get a standing desk

The two most mutual reasons to purchase a standing desk key are health and productivity. For example, moving and getting up and in the workplace can decrease back pain, escalate metabolism, and increase the probability of painless work days by 80%. 

If you sit too long for work or leisure, you get sick. That may be the reason after your stress and depression. Sitting too much can cause fatigue instead of relaxing.

Office workers tend to spend most of the time sitting. If so, is there a solution to prevent them from sitting down?

Yes, the solution is called a standing desk.

Lowers Obesity Risk 

Sitting for a long time can lead to obesity and weight gain. This is because sitting avoids the body’s  blood circulation of fat riveting enzymes.

One way to deal with this is to exercise more frequently. For office workers who don’t have time, standing up will help the fat-absorbing enzyme cycle.

Investigator James Levine conducted a test with an extra 1,000 calories in the group of office workers. This study found that some people did not gain weight at all. These are people who walked up within 2 hours and 25 minutes from their colleagues.

Reduce Back Pain

Back pain is a lifelong experience experienced by 80% of adults and is one of the biggest complaints of office workers sitting all day.

Many readings have investigated the influence of using a standing desk for office employees with long-term back pain. The 2016 “Take-a-Stand Project “I found that members who spent an average of 66 minutes on office work days had a 54% reduction in back and neck pain.

In just over an hour a day, participants in the “Take-a-Stand Project” produced dramatic results. Imagine what you can do when you stand!

Reduction of cancer risk

Colon cancer and Breast cancer seem to be most linked with a lack of physical activity in life. A 2017 study reported that 49,000 breast cancers and 43,000 colon cancers per year are produced by long sitting. Even though the cases were unsatisfying, the same study reported that endometrial cancer and lung cancer, also exposed a strong link to long-term loci. There is no definitive answer to why sitting seems to cause these types of cancer, but it may be due to rise in C Reactive protein seen in persons who sit for a long time.

Better Attitude level

If you want to expand your posture and reduce eye strain, standing desk is a workable option. However, it is significant to set it in the correct way. Your workstation monitor should be just above your resting eye level. So, it is essential to look up a little. This avoids you from tapping away from the keyboard or leaning forward. The simple act of standing improves your core strength and improves your overall posture.

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