Why You Need To Switch To Business Instagram Account!

If you are marketing your business on social media, having an Instagram business account will take you to the top. Instagram is one of the fastest-growing platform, which means if you are advertising on it, you are accessing to around one billion monthly users

Not convinced? 

According to the stats, about 60% of people discover something from social media, with around 200 Million users visiting at least one business account every day.  So, if you are in any kind of business and is not on Instagram, you are missing a lot. 

Here’s a rundown on how you can benefit from the Instagram business account: 

You Get An Image On The Web: 

Previously, the only way of engaging followers with your business is to buy instant Instagram followers and get your website link clicked on the profile. However, today, all you need for your business account is a contact button, which will appear in your profile. 

Your followers can simply click on the button to choose how they want to reach to you. Whether it’s the mail, call or message, just provide the relevant information and its sorted. Also, don’t forget to use hashtags and images that will represent your brand. 

Instagram Advertisements: 

With the Instagram business account, you can also create social ads within the app. However, you can also do virtual advertising through your current account. To promote a post, simply click on it and select ‘Promote.’  

The overall time to create an ad to full promotion may vary from a few hours of the day or more.  Once an ad is created, insert the call to action button, choose your audience, set your budget, and pick a specific time to run your ad. 

Get Easy Access To Analytics: 

Instagram is among the social media platforms to introduce analytics tools. With this, you can get real instagram followers and gauge how your Instagram content is working.  

You will get analytics on: who views your ad, see your profile, how your stories are doing, and how the posts are performing,  what value your business account is driving, and more. If you don’t evaluate your Instagram account, you are likely: 

  • Targeting the wrong audience 
  • Posting not frequently or too frequently
  • not using mentions that might lead to future partnerships
  • Targeting irrelevant visitors on your website
  • Not using the brand engagement in your stories or comments

You Get The Ability To Add Links In Your Stories: 

If you are marketing on Instagram, one thing that might irritate yours is likely to be the clickable links. You can’t use clickable links. However, if you are using the personal account, the only link you can use on your account is only in your profile.

You can add a URL in your Instagram story to get clicks.  While the ability to add links is not available for all business accounts, you need to have a profile with at least 10,000 followers to get access to the feature. 

You Can Advertise On Instagram And Make Promoted Posts: 

To promote your Instagram posts and to advertise on it, you will need a business account. This is where you can build a connection between Instagram and Facebook profile. Build your ads on Facebook and pick a platform to promote your ad. 

How You Can Switch Your Personal Account To Business:

First, open your personal Instagram account and go to your profile page. Now, click on the Settings icon and click on the ‘ Switch to Business Profile’ link and you are ready to switch your personal profile to business. Just make sure to check your account is not set at the Private Account. 

Once done, you will be asked to connect your Facebook page or Facebook profile with Instagram.  Then you will have to fill the business contact details (phone number, business email address, and official address) on your Instagram account. 

Lastly, whether you want to build followers or engagement, or you want to reach to your audience, a business profile is what you need the most! 

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