Why Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is Ideal for Business Users

We live in a world where smartphones play a big role in our work life and daily life. And the borders between them are getting fuzzy by the minute. For young professionals, businessmen and freelancers, it means that you have to be available all the time, well-organized and do some work on the go. Smartphones provide you with great battery life, performance and camera but don’t offer you any extra features to support your work. This is where the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with 5 features that make it a worthy upgrade.

5 Reasons why Note 9 is best for Businessmen

  1. Low Energy Bluetooth S Pen Functions

What’s new about the S Pen is that it includes a Bluetooth radio. Samsung promises 30 minutes of battery life with this. The good thing is that you only need to dock the pen back in for 40 seconds to give it a full charge. You can also use the S Pen as a remote shutter. So if you are taking a celebration shot with your clients or colleagues, it can get all of you in the frame without having to tap on the screen. This feature adds a lot of value to this phone.

  1. Storage and RAM

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 being a flagship phone comes with a Snapdragon 845 processor with 6 GB RAM. You’ve also got 128 GB storage for all those documents, so you’ve got a lot of space to store those. If that’s not enough, there’s also a 512 GB variant. You could also couple that with a 512 GB microSD card, giving you up to a terabyte of storage which makes it a great pick for business users.

  1. Dual Aperture and Intelligent Cameras

Artificial intelligence has been coming into smartphones quite a bit since the past year. Samsung is using it in a different way. On this phone, the artificial intelligence factor is the camera which can recognize up to 20 scenes or things. So if you are shooting a picture of a flower or a person, the AI will tell you what you’re shooting and will adjust the camera accordingly. Also, if you are shooting someone and they blink or there is a red eye detected, the camera will tell you that there is something wrong and will ask you to shoot it again. The exceptional camera quality also does well in low light conditions. 

  1. Big Display with a powerful battery, fast and wireless charging

All day battery life is promised because you’ve got a 4000 mAh power battery, which is the largest ever in the note series and ensures you are not let down. The Note 9 also comes with wireless charging that makes it difficult to plug in a charger again.

  1. Samsung Dex

You don’t need a separate docking station to use Dex. You just need a USB-C to HDMI cable. Plug one into your phone and one into your TV and you’re good to go. One thing new with the Dex is that you can annotate on PowerPoint presentations. This means you no longer need a presenter to highlight certain things. You can circle or draw on it and it will be shown on the presentation as well. When you put your phone into Dex mode, you can also use it as a touchpad, which gives you a full-screen experience.

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