Why Real Estate Agents must be Tech Savvy in 2015?

According to the traditional thinking, real estate agents could earn better from experience than from technology. But a close investigation of the two prospect shows a technology based business can give certain advantages to the real estate agent. He can earn more, the process is cheaper and faster, the customers are Tech savvy themselves as half of the searches are done on the internet and most of the agents who are entering the business are using this technology. So if one chooses not to hold hands with technology in this business, he makes the biggest blunder ever done.

real estate tech savy

The Buniyad Real estate agents in Bangalore provide 3BHK flats starting from Rs. 60lakhs. The flat consists of1400 square feet area with luscious green spaces. The Mynest group offers 2BHK flats starting from Rs 50 lakhs. The Mahindra group would invest Rs 450 crore in the real estate business which would provide 1200 residential flats and cover an area of approximately 1.5 billion square feet area. Among other property dealers in Bangalore, this realtor group aims at revenue of 400 crore in the next 4 years to come. This housing project is called Wind chimes and plans to serve the richest in the city with prospects beginning from 1.3 crore. It would consist of 3BHK and 4BHK flats of three different sizes placed in between two towers and hence the hike in price.  

The state government plans a computer application which will put Bengaluru on the Google Earth map which would show all the details of the city. This will help the property dealers in Bangalore to get an exact image of where the desired plot is and what are the advantages and drawbacks of the location. This Technology will put Bengaluru at an upper hand position from other cities in India. A senior officer of Survey and land records stated that within a few years new maps of the Bangalore city would be replacing the old ones of 1965 to give a proper definition to every location. In the meantime the old ones prevail which can give a rough idea. For e.g. A lake has not changed since 1965 but a village could have been transformed to a city. But then again an idea could always be made from the Google map.

The Real Estate Agents in Bangalore are opting for Tech Savvy ways of selling properties because knowingly or unknowingly, everyone is using technology in every step they take. We use iPhones or smart Android phones which connect us to internet 24*7 and then again it’s easier to load something in the internet than give advertisements in newspapers  or distribute booklets of property ready for sale. The property dealers in Bangalore are looking into various projects at the same time as the city is developing rapidly and hence the Real estate Agents cannot opt for the traditional ways.

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