Why cloud hosting is catching fire among small businesses?

Whenever you hear about cloud computing then the first thing that must be coming to your mind is cloud storage solutions like Google Drive. But you should know that cloud computing is much more than just storing your photos, videos, and files on Google Drive or any other cloud storage platform. During the past two decades, cloud computing has transformed into a very big technological solution and now it has got deeply woven in business operations and our day to day life. Whether you are looking forward to building applications or just planning to have a robust, secure and seamless backup, cloud computing is present everywhere. But one of the applications of cloud computing that is catching fire among small businesses is cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting is basically installing the license of your cloud compatible software on the cloud server. By doing so, you no more will need to install or download the software on each computer. The concept of cloud hosting is catching fire among small businesses and almost 60% of the small businesses from all over the world have started using cloud hosting solutions in one form or another. This is why, in this blog post, we will look at several reasons owing to which cloud hosting is becoming the order of the day among small businesses.

  • It solves the problem of budget crunch

One of the main reasons why cloud hosting is catching fire among small businesses is it solves the problem of budget crunch that small businesses phase throughout their lifecycle. Small businesses are generally in the starting phase of their business and that is why they can’t even imagine using enterprise-based business solutions. But cloud hosting solves this problem of small businesses. If a small business is looking forward to use advanced cloud solutions, then instead of breaking the bank by building a cloud infrastructure and hiring IT team, it can just choose a best QuickBooks desktop cloud hosting provider and unlock the power of cloud. Being economical is one of the biggest perks of cloud hosting as it opens the door of cloud to even those businesses that are low on budget.

  • It allows small businesses to focus on their core job

Small businesses are always busing in dealing with different operations and since they are always low on resources, multi-tasking becomes very common. But multi-tasking is good only till the job is under the skill set of the employees. Since the small business owners are not IT experts, dealing with IT issues makes things very hectic for them. Well, cloud hosting solves even this issue of small businesses. If you will shift to cloud hosting solution then you will get round the clock customer support from the third-party vendor without paying even a single dime. This advantage works like a magic wand for small businesses since instead of getting bogged down with it issues, they can simply focus on their core job. The team of customer service providers is comprised of highly skilled IT experts who are well versed in answering queries and solving problems. You can easily contact the third party vendor through call, email or chat in order to get instant support.

  • It provides them automatic backup

If you are running a business then you must be aware about the importance of creating a backup. Without backup, you make your business vulnerable to the downfall as if your business is hit by a disaster then it can result in complete data loss. This is why each and every business should create a backup. But creating a backup, especially through the manual process isn’t as easy as it sounds. Small businesses have to deal with the time consuming and costly process of manual backup creation. But cloud hosting solves even this problem of small businesses by offering automated backup. The third-party vendor offers nightly backup at different locations so that users can easily restore their data if they are hit by any natural or man-made disaster. This nightly backup also acts as a proper disaster recovery plan for businesses.

Cloud hosting is surely a blessing in disguise for small business and if you are running a small business then you should move to cloud hosting without any second thought.

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