Why a site should contain frequently asked questions FAQ page

Have you ever wondered Why a website needs to have a FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions), Page? Does your site have a FAQ Page? If you are also looking for answers for such questions, here you can read Top 3 Reasons to have a FAQ Page on your website. 

Top 3 Reasons to have FAQ Page on website

  1. Improved User Experience: Users never liked to spend more time searching for relevant information on a website. FAQ pages help users navigate to the desired information without spending extra time. You can see any domain, and you will surely find a FAQ Page. Some examples are the University FAQ Page and online casinos frequently asked questions. To show How user experienced is improved using the FAQ page, you can look for a University Example. Suppose a prospective student is looking for scholarship information on the University Website. One way is to search and look at every possible web page. It can be time-consuming and irritating also. Another way is to go directly to the University FAQ Page and look for an answer there. 
  1. Easy Navigation of website: Users always like those websites that offer easy navigation. Typically, most of the answers to the questions on the FAQ page are present on the site other pages. But the problem is finding them in less time. FAQ pages help users navigate to their respective webpage, product link, blogpost with links related to their queries. Apart from all these FAQs helps in the internal link building of the webpage, which is good for SEO. For example, if a web administrator needs to learn How to check Disk usage on a web server, then instead of searching the entire website FAQ Page of Hosting Service Provider helps then navigate to the respective link quickly and straightforwardly. 
  1. Helps in Saving Money: Now, this point might seem confusing how a FAQ page helps in saving money. So the Answer is that FAQ Pages helps in limiting the need of Customer Service Executive as most of the answers can be provided to the user from FAQ Pages. For example, if a user needs to register for a Services website, they need to understand certain things, and instead of talking to the customer service executive, the FAQ page can serve the need.

Apart from the points mentioned above, FAQ Pages on websites help in Growing Organic Search Traffic on sites. Questions with Answers helps in making snippets for Google Search Engine. FAQ’s also helped in gaining the trust of the users by providing rich user experience and better customer service.

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