What WordPress Theme is that – Find Theme and Plugins used in Blogs

Simple Tutorial which will help you find WordPress Themes and PLugin used by Blog using ‘ What WordPress Theme is that ‘ Website. It has been proved that WordPress is the best CMS Platform which can be used to create Successful and SEO friendly Blogs. Most of the Successful bloggers are running’s their Blogs on WordPress platform. In blogging one thing that is used is following the other Bloggers Blogs and finding out the tricks they are using. When I started Blogging for my Blog Technokarak.com, I used to visit every blog that I can come across and from ‘View Source’ option of the browser try to find out the theme they are using, plugins that are being used to improve SEO ranking or implementing functionality. That does help me but It takes much time in finding out the things that I want and in today’s modern world time is money. So I believe that you also don’t want to waste your precious time in finding about WordPress Themes and Plugins that Bloggers are using. 

What WordPress Theme and Plugin are used by Bloggers?

Thus the question that arises every time we saw a wonderful structured and SEO optimized Blog and wonder how we can use the same WordPress theme and plugin in our own blog. You don’t have to study the entire source of the website to find out necessary things, just visit ‘ What WordPress Theme is that ’ which is a free website offering solutions. To show the actual results find out by using website ‘url’ I try to find out the theme and plugins that are implemented in Shoutmeloud.com blog (which I followed very regularly). 

Visit ‘ What WordPress Theme is that here and enter the url of the blog you want to study for Theme and Plugins used. Like in the figure I have entered ‘Shoutmeloud.com’ and after that hit button ‘Check Site

What WordPress Theme is that Website Review

Suddenly you can see the results displaying information in table form. See below the results for Shoutmeloud.com Blog

What WordPress Theme is that results

Try this and it will surely help in improving your Blog both in design and SEO part of Blogging.

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