What to Do if you Lost Windows 10 Login Password

“Like a freaking idiot, I downloaded Windows 10 as soon as it was available to me. Downloads, works fine. Not liking it, but going to make myself give it a week before I revert back. Next day I create a new account when I realized the updated Windows 10 using my old name as the account name. Get up next morning, refreshed, ready to fight the evil dragon that is Windows 10. Oh look. Some fucking password brownie set a password on the account. I have never used a password on this computer. Nothing lets me reset it. I am really frustrated, ripping out beard hair and crying for my poor lost Windows 10 login password. I have several hundred GB of movies, TV shows and music on there.”

Have you encountered the same bad experience like that?  Losing password really makes one frustrated especially there are important files in your computer.  If you have a password reset disk, things become easier. All you need to do is reboot the locked computer with that disk and reset password as guided. However, most of users don’t have that disk. Then how to deal with this issue?

Reinstalling operating system or reverting Windows 10 back to previous version are the quickest methods you may get. But unless there is no way out, you had better not try them due to data loss for re-installation and high budget for a new PC.

Thanks to Windows Password Recovery Tool which is introduced on Facebook via a kind soul. It offers Windows 10 boot iSO file and allows you to remove, reset password or create a new account. Here goes how it works.

Step 1. Create a Windows 10 boot disk

Download it at any other accessible computer. You can get the download link from link here or from CNET.  Run it and make a boot up CD/DVD or USB drive.  For Windows 10 computer, please select Windows 10 in Advanced Recovery Wizard.


Step 2. Boot Windows 10 computer from CD/DVD/USB, not from hard drive

Insert the created boot disk to locked Windows 10, in the BIOS center, change the boot order and let your machine boot from CD/DVD/USB.


Step 3.  Remove password or create a new admin

When you get access into WinPE successfully, the window below will pop up to you.  You will see the operating system info listed here. Select your system to continue. In the following window, follow the guide to remove your password step by step.


  1. Please make sure to backup your data before updating to Windows 10 in case of being locked.
  2. Remember to make a password reset disk in advance.

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