What Benefits do Companies Get from a Dedicated Social Media Analytics Platform?

There is always a big question of whether to use in-built social media analysis or to look for various social media platforms that provide comprehensive analysis. Social media platforms provide their analytics platform where you can easily understand all the analysis and metrics in your social media accounts. However, there is always an argument of why you should consider using social analytical platforms.

In-built social media analytics tools will only look at the social media account that belongs to your business. Although this is something you would want to have, you will not be able to analyze the social platforms used by other companies. A social media analysis tool will allow you to monitor hundreds of channels in public platforms as if they were your own.

If you have three or more social media accounts, moving from one inbuilt analytics tool is not only time consuming but inconvenient. You may not be able to compare stats from different social media platforms. However, a social media analytics tool offers several features that will benefit your business, as shown below.

Customized Dashboards

If you have a comprehensive analysis tool, you will be able to build your dashboard and have everything in a single interface. In a customized dashboard, you will be able to have all your accounts in a single interface where you can monitor their social activities with ease. You don’t have to move from one inbuilt analytical tool to another. You can as well have the social accounts of your competitors and track their activities accordingly.

Watch Your Competitors

In a competitive business environment, you should not only concentrate on your business activities. Peeping on what your competitor is doing gives you some extra hints on where to strike. Using social media analytics from analytical platform helps you to find when and what your competitors are posting. You will also get additional details, such as their customer responses, customer interactions, and engagement. From these details, you can be able to gain a competitive benchmarking without their knowledge.

Customer Care/Support

Analytical tools will not only help your marketing department to study various market and customer metrics. Other important services can be offered through these platforms such as customer support services. Social media analytics includes understanding what customers are saying about your products or services. In a scenario where a customer is complaining, you can easily address the issue through the same platform. You don’t have to move to the specific social platform where the customer used to highlight the problem.

Content Optimization

Content marketing is the way out in the modern world of marketing. However, it must be done in the right way. Posting on the right social network and posting at the right time. A single social media analytics tool gives an insight into this information. Depending on the engagement and interaction that your content will have, you will be able to see whether you are posting on the right channels and at the right time. You can easily compare statistics from different social platforms and analyze your results from a single interface.

Central Analytics Dashboard

In any company, saving money, time, and stress is paramount to success in the short and long term. A central dashboard showing analytics from all social media accounts adheres to these aspects of success. You can easily get comparison graphs, performance tracking, campaign monitoring, and return on investment from a single central analytics dashboard. You can easily tract the differences from one social media account to one another.

If you’re still wondering whether to use an inbuilt analytical tool or a social media analytics platform, contact NetBase today for consultancy services. As the leading social media analysis company, you will be able to get insightful information that will be critical in the success of your business.

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