What all you can do on your latest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus – Know Here

If iPhone 7 or the big beast iPhone 7 Plus is your buddy now, this write-up would tell you what is there that you might not know about these smartphones. So, let’s get started.

iPhone 7/7 Plus hack 1: How to erase a message quickly

If you have written a message and now thinking of deleting and composing another one, all you have to do is to just give your iPhone 7 a shake and it will ask if you want to delete the entire message. Forget the backspace.

iPhone 7/7 Plus hack 2: How to customize the home button

The new home button isn’t a button but a capacitive touch pad similar to what you find on Macbook. There is a taptic engine behind the home button which you can customize by setting how hard the press is. Of the three settings- low, medium and high, you would require choosing one and then you are done.

iPhone 7/7 Plus hack 3: How to check for any coming notifications

Pull your iPhone 7 out of your pockets or simply lift it from the table, this will activate the display and you can check if any notification arrives. You need to unlock the home screen or tap the home button for doing so. Well, this won’t save you any time, but this is something new.

iPhone 7/7 Plus hack 4: How to switch to 4K recording

in its normal course, your iPhone 7 cheap contract deals shoot at full HD resolution with just 30 frames per second, but you can well set it to shoot full HD video at 60 frames per second (FPS). All you have to do is to go to settings>choose photo and camera>record video>switch to 4K at 60 frames per second. For Slo-mo video, you can change the video resolution from 720p to 1080p.

iPhone 7/7 Plus hack 5: How not to miss any notifications

if you notice notifications quite later than they arrive, you can actually make your phone flash whenever you get receive any notification. To activate this option, go to iPhone’s settings >go to general>choose accessibility>choose LED flash for Alerts. However, take a notice that your battery would take a hit.

iPhone 7/7 Plus hack 6: How to use the new iOS 10 lock screen to its full potential

You can 3D touch to view your notifications in detail. If you swipe your finger towards left of the lock screen , the camera would get activated and you can immediately click an image or record a video. Tap the home button to lock the screen once you’re finished. If you swipe towards right, the new Today view would get activated and you can catch a glimpse of all the important information and shortcut to your frequently used apps.

You can add, remove or change the orders of the widgets. Scroll to the bottom of Today voew and then click on edit. Clicking on the minus icon next to a specific widget would remove it and to add well press the plus icon.

iPhone 7/7 Plus hack 7: How to set restrictions for Apps

If you have a young kid at home, you can’t expect him or her to not touch your phone. Better it is to get smart and enable restrictions. There is a restriction section in your iPhone7 which is PIN protected. You can also manage installation and deletion of apps and any App store purchase. Ypu can even restrict what content can your kid watch.

iPhone 7/7 Plus hack 8: How to use WiFi and mobile data simultaneously

Apple’s ‘WiFi Assist feature will allow you to use both WiFi and mobile data simultaneously. Go to the iPhone7’s settings menu> Tap mobile data (or cellular data). Scroll down and you will see WiFI Assist. Tap it and switch it on.

 Hope these hacks come handy to you when you explore your latest buy – the iPhone 7

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