Ways How a Freelance Graphic Designer Can Manage His Clients

Graphic designing is all about the creativity, proficiency, and originality of the graphic designer. A freelance graphic designer has the competence and the confidence of delivering first class services and top results to his clients. For freelance graphic design projects to deliver the desired results, you must schedule an initial consultation with your client who has appointed you to handle the design assignment. The consultation is mandatory because the consultation would be helping the graphic designer to understand the precise design requirements and expectations of his client. You must understand the significance of coming up with a product design as per the client’s expectations.

Come Up with a Project Proposal

You must prepare a project proposal to impress your client. Your project proposal is nothing but your sales pitch. The project proposal must convince your client-to-be, your clear understanding of your client’s unique design requirements and precise specifications. The proposal must necessarily include the design process, your pricing, timeline etc. Everything in the proposal must be crystal clear and expressed in unambiguous terms. A project proposal could help the client in evaluating your competence and class. Moreover, it helps you in effectively managing your client’s demands and expectations. Get in touch with a reliable web design company such as Tayloright for perfect solutions.

Clear-Cut Agreement

You must examine the agreement meticulously. You must never sign an agreement without reading the fine print. The agreement must be a clearly-worded statement regarding what you would be providing and what would be your payment. Maintaining clarity regarding these issues could help keep away unnecessary tension or dispute between you and your client in future.

Understand Thoroughly Your Client’s Expectation

It is necessary on your part as a freelance graphic designer to clearly understand your client’s requirements for a specific design project. You need to shoot questions to clearly understand the precise design needs. You could ask about target demographics, color preferences, and even font styles. These smaller details would help you in understanding your client’s requirements and delivering flawless design as per client’s expectations.

Inform about Your Revision Goals

You must clearly let your client know exactly how many revisions you would entertain for your graphic design project. This should be included in the contract to avoid disputes. Beyond the number of revisions you have agreed to make, you could revise with additional fees. 

Set Clear Deadlines

It is essential to know the deadline for project completion and delivery to the client. Deadlines for the first draft, second draft, and the third draft are also predetermined. You must meet the deadlines strictly to maintain professionalism in your work.

Be Prepared to Come Up with Alternatives

Usually, the clients would be asking for only one alteration once the work has been delivered. You must be mentally prepared to meet such client requests. One smart way of escaping double work is discouraging the client by giving him a pertinent reason why the design changes would not work. However, if you fail to convince the client, be mentally prepared to come up with the requested alternative.


A graphic designer could shine in his field if he develops some patience and does not bother to take criticism personally. You must remember that you are designing for your client. As you are not designing to please yourself, you need to keep in mind client likes, dislikes, and design expectations.

Author Bio: Maria Jones is a graphic designer who is involved in freelance projects only. She runs her own blog for promoting graphic designing. She recommends important resources such as Tayloright for perfect solutions.

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