Ways to Boost Mobile Broadband Signal

Mobile broadband is indispensable for most people. It provides access to the Internet, whether they are at home, in the office, in the malls, or even going around the world. As more and more users become dependent on mobile broadband to communicate with everyone, the need to have a good and strong signal becomes even more apparent.  There are countless competitive deals offering the best unlimited broadband packages out there. But regardless of how attractive the features are, if you can’t get a fair signal, at the very least, then all the benefits of the deal are quite useless. If you want to enjoy the perks that come with mobile broadband technology, keep in mind these tips that can help you get an improved mobile broadband signal. Be warned, though, that some may be funny to your judgment. 

Ways to Boost Mobile Broadband Signal

  • Position yourself in a “hot spot” to access the Internet. Hot spots are strategic locations with optimum capabilities for connecting online. They provide free access as long as you have the password to gain entry to the Wi-Fi network. Most coffee shops have this feature. But, in order to locate more hot spots, search via the customer service department of your present network provider. 
  • Move the broadband modem in a location that’s clear of any obstruction. Good examples are near the window or upstairs, if you’re in a building with higher floors. You can get better signal in these areas than being in the middle of a structure. The same theory applies when using your mobile phone where signal tends to be better when in an unobstructed location. 
Boost Mobile Broadband Signal

Boost Mobile Broadband Signal

  • Get the upgraded version of modem firmware to gain full online signal and enjoy an enhanced performance of your gadget. Upgrading can be accomplished by logging in to the web page of your modem manufacturer. 
  • Install a booster antenna to increase the signal. This effectively connects you to networks and greatly improves signal strength. You can either purchase a unit at any computer store, or you can make your own aerial antenna. By using some materials at home you can do the following steps to have a functioning antenna that will help you have a stronger signal: 
    1. Simply cut a 20cm piece of insulated wire and wrap it around a cocktail stick.
    2. Remove a few mm of insulation around the wire.
    3. Take off the rubber plug found in the antenna port of your mobile phone then plug in the insulated wire.
    4. Use a tape to secure the wire onto the phone, but leave a few centimeters exposed to receive signal. It may look primitive and wacky, but very effective. 
  • Use a saucepan or pot as base for your dongle. Strange as it may look, the method has been proven effective in obtaining a strong mobile broadband signal. The metal pot serves as an antenna that concentrates the signal in its center, resulting to an improved reception for the dongle. While the idea is simply unacceptable in public places, you can use this solution within the confines of your home and enjoy uninterrupted Internet access. 
  • Keep your gadget’s battery fully charged. It usually requires two or more bars in your battery indicator to find a good signal. While it’s relatively easier to pick up a signal out in the open, there are also times when reception becomes a problem outside. In such case, position yourself in a junction where there is usually stronger network coverage. 

While a couple of these ways may seem odd, they are practical, inexpensive, and effective solutions to improve your mobile broadband signal. And while you’ll surely boost your signal, you’ll also boost with laughter as you try one or two of these means.

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