My View – What will you do if your Smartphone comes with SuperPower

IndiBlogger started very interesting contest for the upcoming Asus Zenfone 5 meet at Pragati Maidan, Delhi. I have never submitted any article or post for Indiblogger contest but this time the topic is very unique and inspires me to write about what I feel. The topic of the contest is “Give your phone a super power and tell us how it would help you see what others can’t see and do what others can’t do!“. 

Asus Zenfone 5 Campaign –

I want to give my Mobile a SuperPower button that will shutdown all Social Media Sites for one day

Smartphone with Social Shutdown Superpower

My Phone with Social Shut down Superpower

Before discussing any further, I want to clear that I am not against any Social Media Sites. Instead i love them since most of the traffic on my Blog comes from Facebook and Twitter only. But if I want to have any Superpower in my mobile, then I will go for Social shut down button just to see my life from days before Social Media Sites. If I can have Social shut down power then I can do what most of the people in today’s world can’t do like play outdoor games with neighbors, chatting with friends at some tea stall etc. Giving my phone Superpower helps me see and do the following things that others can’t see or do: 

  • My life from past time, which involves going on trips round the Delhi with my cousins and friends. I really can’t see that time coming back with Social Media sites dominating so much in our life. Internet is great and brought whole world of knowledge to us but it also takes the element of unknown from our life. I mean earlier if we have to go on the trip, we feel so excited about the location that we will visit, but now before going there we search all locations on Social sites, can see pics of other people went there which to some extent spoils the element of surprise. 
  • One more thing that i can do with Social Shut down power button is being in the real world. Truth of modern times is we live in virtual world where users are more concerned about sending Candy crush request. I just want to be away for one day where no one send me any request, and i can spend the days with my family and friends discussing face to face about the serious issues of life.
  • I can see kids playing once again on the streets of city in India. Before any social media, we used to play all the time on streets outside our house but now it is rare to see a kid playing games like Gallery, Kho-Kho etc. Parks where we used to play cricket entire summer vacation are now used to host only functions. In today’s modern time where a child is born with Facebook accounts, kids loves to spend all times on their mobiles sending messages on WhatApp, sharing post on Facebook. With Social shut down button, i just want to see once again the time where kids play each other on the streets and their parent’s sitting together and gossiping with each other 🙂 .

I know that this is foolish of me to even think of complete Social Sites shutdown, but I know that the users like me who remember the time before Facebook, Twitter want to spend at least one day from that time.

You can comment below to share the Superpower that you can think in your Smartphone.

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