Use Technology To Beat Addiction

Role of Technology in Modern Day Rehabilitation

Modern day technology has begun advancing in leaps and bounds and is leaving an impact in nearly all walks of life. No matter what field of work you’re in, no matter what problem you face, no matter your need, there is a solution for nearly everything found in modern technology. While this advancement has advantages and disadvantages, its impact is undeniable. One of the fields where this impact has been felt is healthcare.

While several aspects of healthcare have been helped through the use of modern technology one of the more prominent ones is rehabilitation and helping addicts. There are several ways the use of advanced technology has helped people struggling with addiction:

  • Availability of Information
  • Availability of Immediate Help
  • Connection to friends and Family
  • Technological treatments

Availability of Information

Addiction is a severe mental state to deal with. There is a wide range of emotions and impulses involved in it. From guilt, sadness, helplessness till regret there is too much going on in the mind of an addict to process quickly. Few people would want to fight such a battle without knowing about their enemy and what constitutes them. In the past, there was a serious of lack of information for the addicts but in today’s world with the presence of the internet information regarding the entire highly complex situation is readily available to anyone who wishes to access it resulting in a lot of much-needed assistance to the addict.

Availability of Immediate Help

Addiction and rehabilitation is a very messy business which few people would want to have an attempt at without the proper help. This was a big issue in the past as the very act of getting out of your state to travel all the way to an office or a center for help was a challenging step for the addicts with all the stigmas associated with addiction. Resulting in procrastination and eventually not seeking help at all. However, today with the advent of computers and smartphones help from highly trained professionals can be available directly in the safety and comfort of your own home resulting in more people opting for it. The help is available for all forms of addictions. Addicts have direct access to resources for alcohol recovery, drug recovery and all sorts of necessary provisions right inside their homes.

Connection to friends and family

It is common knowledge that friends and families of the addicts are always advised not to leave them alone but to be a pillar of strength and support for them and stay by their side encouraging them to keep fighting against their ordeal. Through the use of modern technology such as smartphones and laptops and the services that they provide such as video chats and multimedia messaging friends and families of the addicts remain connected to them even if physical distances are keeping them apart.

Technological Treatment

Modern day technology is also working day and night to make advances that will allow for more effective rehabilitation for the addicts. While technology like smartphones and video calls is already being incorporated research is being conducted for the use of other technologies such as Virtual Reality.

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