USE PNG Minimizer to reduce size of the images

Most of the website designers prefer to use images with PNG format on their website. I am no different from them, I also prefer to use PNG format only. As the image size is much smaller from BMP files but still they are large and sometimes cause my website to load slower which is very annoying to me and visitors also. So I was searching a tool to reduce the size of my images without losing much quality of the image and found this very useful online service which reduces the size of PNG images considerably and very easy to use. I have conducted test on various image sizes and sharing them in this article. 

How to use PNG Minimizer to reduce size of the images – PNG Format 

1 Click on the link here 

2 Upload your file to convert

3 Click on Upload queue to upload the images for minimization process. You have to click on the uploaded image to start the minimization.

New Picture (3)_min 

4 Download the reduced size images 

Comparison Table between Original Images and Converted Images 

Original Image Size Converted Image Size Colors
194 KB 71 KB 256
194 KB 62 KB 128
41 KB 18 KB 256
41 KB 16 KB 128
Conclusion: Very useful utility, but my view is to go for 256 colors as it will convert images with almost no loss of quality and if you see from the table data above reducing colors to half does not reduce image size to much.

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