How to make USB Bootable Antivirus for Ultimate Security from Viruses

Wonder what is a USB Bootable Antivirus and what is the use of wasting one USB pen drive just to have bootable antivirus installed on it. Well don’t worry I am going to tell you why every user working on the internet must have one USB dedicated to bootable antivirus and How to actually make USB Bootable Antivirus. In a recent article I have discussed about lots of Antivirus like AVG, AVAST, McAfee that are giving free licenses for almost one year without any price. The simplest reason to have USB Bootable Antivirus is because there are some viruses or rootkits that are designed to hide the existence of certain processes or programs from the normal methods of detection. To detect such malware you need to have a software that can scan your system without actually booting into the Windows Operating System. Here comes in a handy Antivirus Rescue Kit that can be made USB Bootable with simple softwares. Now you just need to plug-in USB and boot your system from that, Scan and remove viruses and your system is ready to rock again. In the section I am going to show how to make USB Bootable Antivirus and some screenshots after Booting from it.

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How to make USB Bootable Antivirus

How to make USB Bootable Antivirus

How to Make USB Bootable Antivirus Disk

If you are aware of creating Bootable Linux USB disk then creating USB Bootable Antivirus will going very simple. But for new users I am going to start from the very basics.  First you need to download ISO file of the Antivirus software for which you want to create a USB Bootable Disk. Below are the list of some of most popular rescue kit software download links:

  1. BitDefender Rescue CD
  2. Kaspersky Rescue Disk

Download either of the above listed Antivirus ISO files or search for the one that you like. Apart from ISO files, you need USB Creator software and in this article I have used YUMI Multi USB Creator. Install the USB creator software and you are ready to make USB Bootable Antivirus which will scan your system even in boot failure from windows. Open the software and select USB drive partition and select the ISO files downloaded by you. Just see the screenshot below for more details and click on Create Button.

USB Bootable Antivirus-1

After a few minutes you will see a completion window, Now it is time to see whether it worked or not. To test restart your system and this time boot from USB. You will see a screen like shown below and select the name of the antivirus you have used to create a Bootable Disk.

USB Bootable Antivirus-2

In the image shown below you can see the scan in progress.

USB Bootable Antivirus-3


 There are times when your system gives trouble while booting from windows and mostly we format and re-install Windows Operating System. The approach is not correct and the problem can be caused due to some malware or virus. For that a USB Bootable Antivirus plays very vital and important role as it helps in detecting and removing viruses that are not detected in Windows mode. So I strongly recommend everyone to have one USB Bootable Disk in their rescue kit just.

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