U&Me Messenger Is Attracting Youngsters With Its Amazing Features

There are many popular mobile chat applications available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Microsoft Asha. Some of the commonly used instant messaging apps are WhatsApp, Line, Facebook messenger, Viber, U&Me Messenger, Hike, and WeChat. Out of these apps, U&Me Messenger is trending in the industry and placed among the top list of mobile chat applications.

Personally, I feel U&Me is awesome and a best alternative to WhatsApp, due to its innovative features, attractive User Interface that WhatsApp lacks. An interesting thing about U&Me Messenger is that users have the privilege of sending SMS texts to users who are not on U&Me (non U&Me users) for free of cost, all over the world. In addition, below are the bunch of interesting and cool feature of U&Me that made this app so special.


Key Features Of U&Me Messenger

Connected Accounts: U&Me allows integration of cloud storage accounts, for example, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Safebox accounts can be integrated with the application. It helps the user to manage all the accounts centrally and share confidential files without any problem. This is a unique feature of U&Me and is not available with any other famous chat apps.

Group Chat: Imagine yourself talking to all your friends adding them to a group. Yes, it is possible with U&Me as the limit of group chat is 500. So, don’t limit your friend group, keep it growing. Enjoy the luxury of chatting with 500 group members!

Multi-Format File Sharing (100 MB): In addition to media files like pictures, videos, location, contacts and audio; U&Me also supports non-media file sharing such as ZIP, PDF, PPT, DOC, APK etc. On top of that, you can send files up to 100 MB at a time that gave cutting edge to U&Me.

Offline Messaging: User can send free U&Me SMS to friends who are offline. Moreover, SMS facility can be used to invite friends to join U&Me and get reward points when an invited friend joins.

Hide Last Seen: U&Me allows users to manage the visibility of last seen, birthday and profile picture to the users. This is the exclusive feature of U&Me that provides complete control on Privacy. In addition, user can add a friend or a group of friends to ‘Favorites’ to limit the visibility of last seen only to them.

Passcode Lock: Now you need not bother about your cousin peeping into your mobile or other stalkers. Passcode option of U&Me helps you set a pattern lock to the application and protect your private chats.

Sticker Shop: A wide collection of amazing and cool stickers starting from cats, love to drama, animals, outer space, business activities, superheroes and a many more. Business stickers are a plus point to U&Me, as it is the first-time stickers are introduced for business purposes. There is a huge collection of emoji’s and smileys that are eye feast to the users.

Rewards (Invite Friends, Get rewards): With an intention to attract new users and make users happy, U&Me has introduced reward program. Users get reward points which they can use to recharge their mobile phone or to claim gifts. Other ways to get reward points: chatting daily on U&Me, status message updates, file sharing, posting updates on social media accounts etc.

Chat Themes: Why should you always chat with a single boring chat background? This thought has come to U&Me team and that’s why they introduced Chat Themes. You can choose from a variety of chat background available and even can set your own photograph as chat background.

My Wall: Did you ever wondered why timeline feature is not available with mobile chat apps? Well, U&Me has that option for you. My Wall feature of U&Me allows you share your updates, photos, videos and many things on a commonly shared wall that is visible to all your U&Me contacts. You can also choose to hide or delete a wall post that you don’t want to see.

Events: Why you should always look for Facebook to create an event and share it with your friends? U&Me is here for your rescue, create as many events you want on U&Me, send invites to your friends directly from the app. A completely hassle-free way of creating, attending and organizing events.

Note: Some of the features mentioned above are available for the latest update of U&Me on Android. So, please make sure you’re updated to the latest version of the app to enjoy all these new features.

Hope you’re impressed with the features stated above, it is a worth trying app!

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