Twitter Mining using R Programming: How to Create Twitter Apps for Data Integration

Twitter Mining using R Programming: In this tutorial Series I am going to demonstrate How to Mine Tweets from very popular Social Networking Site Twitter. To perform mining first we need to get data from Source. In this Tutorial series the source is Twitter. In this post we will see How to Create and Setup Twitter App to fetch tweets for the mining process.

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Creating Twitter Apps for Data Fetch Process

Step1: Visit Twitter Application Management Page by clicking

Step2: After Signing you will see a page like shown below. Click “Create New App”.

Twitter Mining with R-1

Step3: On the next Page “Create Application” Enter the details as follows:

  • Name of the Application
  • Application Description
  • Website(Enter any URL for testing process)
  • Callback URL(Leave Blank for this tutorial)

Twitter Mining with R-2

Step4: Once the application is setup you will see a page like shown below. Note the Consumer Key (API Key) and Consumer Secret (API Secret) values.

Twitter Mining with R-3

Step5: Generate Access Tokens as shown below and Note the values of Access Token and Access Token Secret.

Twitter Mining with R-4

Twitter Mining with R-5

That’s it and your Twitter Application is ready to be used. In the next Part of Twitter Mining Tutorial Series you will see How to setup R Environment to fetch Tweets from Twitter.

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